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Pallet Flow

Pallet Flow Rack Systems


Pallet flow rack systems are a great solution for companies looking to capitalize on limited warehouse space, reduce warehouse costs or for those who simply want to organize inventory for effective FIFO turnover.


Pallet Flow Rack

How it works:

Pallet flow racks are built to contain a slight downward slant. When a pallet is loaded into the entry side, it glides smoothly through the rack and comes to a stop at the discharge side, where it awaits removal by forklift. And, when a pallet is removed, the pallets behind slide safely into place to await removal as well. With Shelving + Rack Systems, there’s no limit to the potential size or density of flow rack storage; pallet flow racks can be used to accommodate almost requirement, with individual racks extendable for functionality at up to 20 pallets per lane. Whether it’s a mounted floor system just a single pallet high or a multilevel pick module (with pallet flow and carton flow), the key to any successful flow system is developing a solution that is customized for:

  • The type of product that will be stored (i.e. boxed, cartons, portable racks, bulk boxes, stacking racks, folding wire containers, etc.)
  • The pallet type being used (wood pallets, plastic pallets, disposable pallets, etc.)
  • The environment inventory will be stored in(freezers, coolers, ambient temperature warehouses, dock areas, etc.)
  • Other specific functions required by the system.

Typically, pallet flow systems are best utilized where FIFO (First-In/First-Out) inventory rotation is critical. FILO (First-In/Last-Out) pallet flow rack systems, however, can still be easily realized by working closely with our design staff; our team carries many years of experience in the design, supply and installation of dynamic storage products. Let us configure the appropriate components to meet your specific project criteria and, in doing so, ensure maximum system performance and ROI.*

Pallet Flow Lane pallet flow rack in use

Altogether, pallet flow racks

  • Maximize space by removing the need for aisles
  • Help organize inventory for businesses with heavy stock rotation
  • Can be customized to function at almost any level of density
  • Offer ease of accessibility for loading and unloading of pallets

To learn more about pallet flow racks, or to request a quote, please contact us by completing the form to your left or by calling 1-800-589-RACK (7225). We look forward to hearing from you!

*Our team gladly develops custom designs to meet your system requirements, including full roller, shorter roller and skate wheel options as needed. Subsequently, our staff will test each system (and videotape results for your review) to ensure maximum satisfaction. What’s more, we design our systems with future growth in mind, making them easily expanded and adaptive should your needs change.

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