Organize Your Workspace with Durable, Affordable Akro-Bins

Akro-Bins Material Handling Stackable Bins Solutions

Shelving + Rack Systems strives to provide high-quality storage solutions that meet even the most stringent organizational demands. We proudly offer Akro-bins, which is a line of durable, top-quality containers that can be customized to match nearly any configuration. Available in a wide range of sizes and features, these Akro Bin plastic storage bins can be stacked on shelves, or hung on racks, louvered panels, or rails. Our team can help you mix and match these versatile containers to create an organized customized storage system for your work space.

Why Invest in Akro-Bins?

As a leader in inventory management and material handling solutions, Shelving + Rack Systems believes in offering only the best products to our clients. We know that, while a well-designed storage configuration can boost efficiency and productivity, a poorly configured or flimsy system eats up profits with wasted time and constant replacement. Our bins can work in any environment, often complementing existing shelving or equipment our clients already have in place. Shelf bins can provide further organization, while nest and stack bins help maximize vertical space. Regardless of your current set-up, the thoughtful utilization of storage bins can also help promote the speed and accuracy of your employees. For example, item categorization through color coded bins give employees a ready visual reference, shrinking the time needed to locate items.

What sets Akro-Bins apart from other plastic or stackable bins is their sheer quality of construction. They are manufactured according to very strict standards, and undergo extensive testing and quality control measures. Furthermore, their plethora of sizes, features, and designs ensure that they truly offer the most customization options, something our clients expect when investing in quality storage systems.

If you are looking for durable, affordable, and useful storage solutions, contact us to learn more about how Akro-Bins can help get your workspace organized.