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Containers & Bins

Organize inventory for less than you’d expect.

We offer a full line of Storage bins, hanging systems, totes and containers, and cabinets for parts storage and industrial material handling systems.

Create a complete material handling system with Shelving + Rack Systems plastic, and steel storage and distribution products. Combine our shelf bins, and cabinets with our bin hanging systems for organized storage. Take advantage of any of our bins and bin systems to provide uncomplicated material handling transport.

Storage Bins products are used wherever small-to-medium sized items are moved, stored, sorted or handled. With well over 200 products for industrial assembly and storage retrieval applications, including plastic tote boxes and bins, tool boxes, attached lid containers, heavy-duty cabinets, and utility carts.

Totes & Containers

We offer a wide range of reusable totes and containers that nest, stack, cube, and ship.
Many reusable containers for shipping, distribution, order picking and storage of materials. Nest & Stack Totes, Attached Lid Containers, Straight Wall Containers, and dividable containers are perfect for closed-loop distribution, medical applications, food, manufacturing and other industries.

Dividable containers with adjustable individualized compartments. Durable reusable containers, with built-in divider slots for customized small-parts storage.

For over 60 years, the Akro Mils name has been synonymous with a commitment to quality products and superior durability. Today, SRS is proud to carry a robust line of Akro Mils products for its customers.

Akro Mils products— which range from totes and bins to shelving and transport solutions– are priced to accommodate the budgeting of any business. Simultaneously, these products can:

  • Help organize and protect inventory
  • Make efficient use of available space while utilizing existing storage systems
  • Boost productivity by allowing for increased selectivity of workplace items

SRS gladly helps design and implement storage systems based on your business’s unique challenges, and we’re proud to incorporate Akro Mils products in the process. If you’re ready to discuss your warehousing needs– or if you’d simply like more information on Akro Mils products– we encourage you to call us at 1-844-589-RACK (7225)

Stackable Containers and Bins

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