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Mobile Pallet Rack


Mobile pallet racks a single-aisle system that improves achieved storage capacity by as much as 80% (or more) when compared to traditional layouts.
For businesses struggling to utilize the full potential of their building—or for those in need of high-density storage—this product is idea.

Our electrical, compacting mobile storage system:

  • Is a modular design requiring minimal on-site mechanical assembly
  • Is UL-approved and uses standard industrial electronic components
  • Includes carriages which can be operated in both manual and automatic cycles
  • Have three safety systems: lower photo eye, upper photo eye (optional) and stall sensor
  • May be used in large retail stores, libraries, warehouses and industrial storage environments
  • Can meet almost any heavy-duty storage requirement (offering carriage lengths up to  40’ coupled with a depth of 72” and an overall weight capacity of 45,000 pounds)
  • Is available in both surface mounted flat tracks and in-ground flat tracks
  • Is perfect for just about any pallet rack or shelving type

We’d love an opportunity to discuss your needs in greater detail, or to design a system specifically for your venue. To contact us, please call 1-844-589-RACK (7225).

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