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Carton Flow Full Width Roller

There are several styles of Full Width Carton Flow Roller Systems. This storage system will help you decrease order picking time, utilize otherwise unusable space and maximize storage in your warehouse. The system comes in a multitude of different sizes and capacities as well and can be designed to fit a variety of areas.

  • roller pallet racking systems
  • carton flow racking systems
  • carton flow racking systems

This system provides a “moving” storage system without moving parts; it utilizes gravity conveyor.?

How Full-Width Roller Rack Systems Work

Roller Tracks are placed on pallet rack shelves. Loading the full-width roller works in two different ways.

  • First In Last Out (FILO) is by putting the first product on the front (picking face) of the rack, then, the next product is placed against the first product and pushed back, sliding the first product backward on the carton flow roller.
  • First In First Out (FIFO) systems are roller rack systems that load the tote or carton from the back, allowing the stored materials to roll forward towards the picking aisle.

When unloading, gravity does the work for you. As you unload the first product, the remaining products slide forward for easier and faster unloading, in the case of a FIFO – automatic product rotation is attained.

Advantages of Roller Rack Storage Systems

Carton Flow Full-Width Roller Storage systems have many advantages as opposed to static shelving storage systems. Using Carton Flow Rack picking is less strenuous than some other systems as the picking process does not require employees to reach and move stored materials forward on a shelf for unloading. Since the product will naturally roll forward as it is picked, your picking time will decrease significantly.

This style maximizes storage capacity even in small areas.

With Carton Flow Racks the product is stored front to back, not left to right on the shelf. It saves time – reduces travel by having more SKU’s in front of you. Your throughput can be increased by up to 150% as compared to selecting from pallets.

Full-width rollers have one product or SKU per lane. They are available in multiple capacities for any application, to get more out of your order picking operations, you can stack product.

They can be used for full or knuckled fronts work great for split case picking.

Carton Flow Roller Rack Systems and Customization

Our easy drop-in installation saves time and allows for quick adjustments.

Impact plates can be added to minimize damage to rollers when loading heavy items.

Knuckled fronts are when the discharge end of the conveyor is angled to allow reaching into a box or tote to select individual items.

While full-width carton flow is available in many styles, Shelving + Rack Systems carries several different types to meet just about any requirement you may have.

They are available in many different widths and capacities; when paired with our different roller and frame types we can suit just about any need.

Span-Track Lane is an extremely durable carton flow system that will fit into any rack in your warehouse and offers a unique design that makes organizing flow effortless. New tracks can be easily added and removed to arrange products in an organized and concise manner.

Full-width rollers have one product or SKU per lane. They are available in multiple capacities for any application, to get more out of your order picking operations, you can stack product.The Span-Track Lane System features a high-quality roller rack system. The racks support over 100% more surface area than most other carton flow systems, which means less damage to products and less wear and tear on the racking system. This method may significantly reduce business costs due to the ease of customization. You can also expect reduced maintenance costs due to the heavy-duty materials used in building these carton flow racking systems.

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