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Pick Modules

Pick Modules

Pick modules are multi-level racking systems that strategically integrate various storage technologies to improve the overall efficiency of a facility. A typical warehouse pick module may consist of pallet racking, shelving, conveyor systems, and other warehouse equipment, creating faster and more efficient picking and retrieval operations. This is advantageous for distribution centers and high-volume warehouses under constant pressure to meet fulfillment demands and tight deadlines.

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At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we can help you plan, design, and create a custom pick module for your facility. Taking into account your available warehouse space and budget, we discuss all your potential options before deciding on the right multi-level system. As a leading provider of high-quality warehouse equipment, we ensure that you benefit from a reliable, durable, and efficient storage and fulfillment system.

How a Pick Module Works

Most pick modules are used in conjunction with pallet rack systems, like pallet flow or carton flow racking. Carton order picking systems are multi-level work platforms that use vertical storage space. They rely on gravity to transport goods between loading bays, reducing picking time and labor costs.

This type of semi-automated system can reduce travel time and the need for staff to transport goods around the warehouse manually. This improves the fulfillment process and lowers labor expenses significantly.

Standard pick modules are assembled using gravity flow storage racks, various forms of shelving (e.g., industrial shelving, wire shelving, or rivet shelving), and carousels.

The design of custom pick slots ensures each slot stores a sufficient amount of inventory while leaving adequate space to separate each slot. This gap is extremely important for inventory control, helping prevent overloading, congestion, and product damage while in transit.

Custom Pick Module

Building Your Custom Pick Module

For heavy-duty, slow-moving goods, static pallet racking with forklift access may be a more cost-effective option. However, if you’re looking to improve space utilization, lower your overall payroll, and enhance picking rates and accuracy, a pick module is a worthwhile investment. Pick modules are dynamic, high-density storage systems designed for medium to high inventory turnover.

At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we provide tailored storage solutions based on the layout of your facility, your material handling systems, and storage capacity. We are not just a warehouse equipment provider. Our comprehensive turnkey offerings include professional design services, using the latest computer-aided-design (CAD) systems to provide precise, timely, and adaptable solutions.

We also offer delivery, assembly, and professional installation. Our factory-trained and insured installation crews can help you install and integrate your brand new system for maximum efficiency.

Benefits of a Pick Module

The growth of e-commerce and rapid delivery services has raised consumer expectations in terms of order fulfillment. Pick modules provide a space and cost-efficient strategy to scale warehouse operations while improving the picking and fulfillment processes. By using vertical space, pick modules allow you to create a compact storage footprint. Improved space utilization can save you thousands on a facility expansion or a complete relocation.

  • Other key benefits of a pick module system include:
  • Virtually eliminates walking time for warehouse operators
  • Faster fulfillment times
  • Space efficiency
  • Allows for consolidated SKUs
  • Enables the use of more picking and loading bays
  • Automation potential
  • Picking and loading bays can be ergonomically designed for health and safety
  • First-in, first-out (FIFO) inventory management allows for rapid inventory replenishment

Reinvent Your Warehouse With a Custom Pick Module

To explore our broad range of pallet racking, shelving, conveyor systems, rollers, and other warehouse equipment, browse our online catalog. We can help you improve your distribution operation at your distribution facility by recommending the right storage solution for your needs, whether that is a selective pallet rack, pallet flow rack, or cantilever rack.

For more information on planning, design, and consultation services, give us a call today at (800) 589-7225.

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