Flooring Types


With a plethora of available decking types, Shelving + Rack Systems is able to meet almost any requirement have.  Available options (seen below) can be customized as needed.

Solid Decking

 Mezzanine Decking- B deck with Rezdek

  • Resin Dek or Plywood over B-Decking: Available in plain, grey and clear diamond seal also with ESD-certified, static control finishes installed over light reflecting white underside corrugated steel   B Deck. These options are especially relevant where pallet trucks, walkways, offices and storage applications are utilized. 
  • Steel diamond tread plate (in either a smooth steel or a raised diamond pattern) installed over light reflecting white underside corrugated steel B Deck. Commonly used where heavy pallet trucks will be driven or where heavy-duty storage applications and machine platforms will be required. 

Open Decking

Mezzanine Deck- Bar Grating 

  • Bar Grating: Steel, fiberglass and aluminum decking with an open-bar design for high-wear areas. This product allows for free flowing air and light; can be ordered in plain, painted, galvanized, aluminum, stainless steel and fiberglass.

Mezzanine Decking- Plank Grating

  • Galvanized Plank Grating: Built from steel with an open design, this product allows for the free flow of light and air. Available either painted or galvanized. 
If you’re interested in learning more about our mezzanine flooring types, please contact us by calling 1-844-589-RACK (7225) or fill out the form to the left.