Exterior Buildings

Exterior Metal Prefabricated Building Systems


Prefabricated buildings offer all the utility of conventional construction with a number of distinct advantages. And, while traditional construction projects come hand-in-hand with noise, extended project times and mountains of administrative paperwork, modular buildings address your business’s needs with a quick and painless installation.

Exterior Modular Building With Overhangs
Modular Exterior Security Booth- Guard Shack Building  Smoking Shelter
Exterior Modular BuildingWith Overhangs   Modular Exterior Security Booth Smoking Shelter

At Shelving + Rack Systems, we proudly offer a diverse body of easily-adapted modular buildings to address any exterior building need, from guard houses and smoking shelters to storage enclosures.

Likewise, we carry near limitless variety of accessories to help you get the most from your new structure, from custom finishes to heating and lighting. Additionally, exterior modular structures:

  • Can withstand both earthquakes and hurricanes
  • Meet even the strictest of building codes
  • Are fully insulated with sliding glass windows for comfort and energy savings
  • Many sizes arrive factory assembled to save time and energy
  • Can be designed to fit any size requirement
  • Allow for future expansion if (and when) your business grows
To speak with a representative about your specific needs and whether modular structures may provide a superior solution, simply fill in the form to your left or call us at 1-844-589-RACK (7225).


Modular Exterior Building; Portable Outside Office Exterior Modular Building Seating Area With Screens and Glass F  Guard Shack - Security Booth
 Portable Exterior Office   Exterior Seating Area With screens and Glass  Guard Shack / Security Booth