Furniture Storage

Our specialized furniture cantilever rack offers the flexibility to store pieces of varying length and weight, all while maintaining ultimate accessibility.
Additionally, our furniture racking warehouse solutions are all created with safety in mind and allow for the installation of in-rack sprinkler systems to protect both inventory and employees.In contrast to traditional pallet racking, our furniture storage options…
. Cantilever Furniture Rack, furniture Rack
  • Dramatically decrease the time required to store and retrieve inventory
  • Increase accessibility to individual products
  • Add organization to warehouses and optimize floor space
  • Allow for furniture-specific fire suppression sprinkler systems

Carry multiple decking options to fit almost any need, including:

  • Solid wood
  • Corrugated steel (as well as corrugated steel decking with open surface area created by large,flanged holes that flaunt more than 50% open area. These holes allow penetration of air, light and fire sprinkler water.)
  • Wire mesh decking

To learn more about Shelving + Rack Systems’ full line of solutions for furniture storage, or to request a quote, please call us at 1-844-589-RACK (7225) or fill out the form to the left.