High-density storage systems are a powerful solution for companies struggling with the size of their warehouse, out of control material handing costs, lack of efficiency and high building costs. Based on the specifics of your business, Shelving + Rack Systems offers a full line of innovative solutions to reduce your material handling costs and  maximize your warehouse’s full potential. Some of the solutions we offer include…

 Pallet flow racks, which allow inventory to safely move into position while loading from one side and selecting from the opposite side. *Perfect for FIFO (First In First Out Inventory Storage).


Pallet Flow Fifo Storage Rack
Pushback Rack being loaded with a fork truck
 Pushback Pallet Rack, which force old inventory to the back of storage as new items come in. * Pushback pallet rack systems provide LIFO storage (Last In First Out Inventory Storage)





Drive-in Pallet Racks and DriveThru pallet racks
eliminate the need for conventional forklift traffic aisles and allow  maximum utilization of cubic space for high-density pallet storage  (wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling). They are ideal for stocking  large volumes of inventory with relatively few SKUs. These  ystems can  easily reduce overall square footage requirements for storage by up to  35 percent (sometimes more) compared to a standard selective pallet rack  layout.
Drive in pallet racking Drive Thru pallet rack
Mobile Pallet Rack
Mobile pallet racking, an ideal solution when selectivity is critical and space/building costs are at a premium. By compacting torage and eliminating space-eating fixed aisles, this system allows businesses to dramatically increase their storage potential (sometimes by as much as 80% over alternative configurations).
 Crank-out cantilever racks allow for safe overhead crane accessibility to inventory by extending fully-loaded arms completely into aisles with the easy turn of a crank.


Crank out Cantilever Racking

..and others. And, if Shelving and Rack Systems can’t find a solution, we’ll point you to a provider who can.

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