Long Span Racking

Warehouses and other industries frequently need to have a long clear, uninterrupted span up to 40’ in length to store long items such as such as piping, lumber, beams, and various other oversize products. Due to the large size, these items can be awkward to move and store without the right storage system.

Another reason companies use long span racking is to clear an aisle way or doorway.

Long Span Racking is next level industrial storage. Engineered for wide loads, heavy loads and clear spans, Long Span Racking is designed to meet applications that exceed the capabilities of most standard pallet racking.

Advantages of Long Span Rack
Long-Span Racking derives its superior strength and flexibility from the use of structural H-Beams instead of roll-formed steel.

The result is an ultra-resilient racking system that can achieve up to 40’ spans without the loss of load capacity. For quick and safe loading, store extra wide pallets, odd-shaped, bulky, unwieldy, oversized, bulky, and even small loads with ease.

Full Frame Racks
Ourfull-frame rack system for long span items. Built on H beam supports and shelves, provide sturdy support for long span and heavyitems. The type of storage system chosen will depend on each firm’s individual needs.

Long-Span Racking will unlock new storage potential and maximize the amount of usable space within your facility.
Bring us your toughest storage challenge,and we’ll deliver a strong, reliable racking solution that fits your exact needs.

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