Roll Cantilever Rack

Cantilever racks provide an efficient, safe method of storing long items, including steel tubing, steel plate, bar stock, pipe, and lumber. Because uprights do not block the cantilevered arms that hold your product, access to these items by hand or forklift is safer and easier.

Lifting long items from the cantilever racks requires the ability to get underneath the item itself, which without a pallet or spacers of some sort, is impossible on a shelf. Additionally, cantilevered shelves can allow storage of a greater variety of objects in each space.

Cantilever Racks save time and reduce damage by allowing access to individual items rather than stacking them on top of each other, and they provide more vertical storage, saving floor space. The visual access to the product makes it easier for inventory management and faster loading and unloading.

Some cantilevered rack systems have wire mesh or solid decking placed on the arms. The decking allows storage of many items, not just long-form items. Solid shelves can also become part of crank-out and roll-out rack systems.

Crank-operated Cantilever Racks
Roll Out Cantilever Rack (sometimes called a Crank-Out Cantilever Rack) allows for overhead accessibility to products with an easy turn of a hand crank by extending its fully loaded arms 100% into the aisle way. They provide an optimal way to safely store and retrieve heavy bar stock, tube, pipe and extrusions with the use of an overhead crane.

They save aisle space by being able to load and unload with an overhead crane rather than the large aisles required for a fork truck.

They give you more manufacturing floor space by utilizing vertical space and still maintain access to the items being stored.

Having a crank-out cantilever rack next to a saw, laser or other fabrication machine can reduce machine downtime by having the material readily accessible to your operator.

Mobile Roll-out Cantilever Racks
Roll-out cantilever racks allow even more storage in a given space when installed on a mobile base system. Instead of multiple aisles, multiple cantilever racks can be lined up one in front of the other and moved electronically along a track.

For example, a set of five roll-out cantilever rack units will only need one aisle instead of six—four on the inside and two on the outside.

The ability to extend into the aisles provides safe access to the long profile items, as well as a more efficient method of storage since the product can be moved on overhead cranes to the proper space.

The Efficiency of Roll-out Racks
Rack systems can be custom designed for the customer, based on the space available and the customer’s storage needs. Some options include pin divider systems, adjustable divider systems, solid shelves, wire mesh shelves and intermediate supports for shorter items.

A roll-out cantilever rack system will expand any facility’s storage ability.

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