Roll Shelving Rack

Storage presents a considerable challenge for most businesses, and this is especially true in industrial space. Optimal storage requires space efficiency, yet many items used in industrial warehouses and other facilities are bulky, heavy, and awkward to store. Meanwhile, space is at a premium, and any loss of storage space per square foot can represent inefficiency and loss of revenue.

Glide-Out racks are the most recent innovation in storage, as they occupy the least possible amount of floor space for storage while meeting high storage needs and exacting safety standards.

Storage of Heavy Items
One of the most important benefits of all is that they protect employees from potential injury by reducing the need to bend over or pulling items from stationary shelves

The heavy-duty steel of the structure of this rack system ensures the racks can stand up to even the heaviest weight of difficult-to-store items. These racks are built to last.

With the optionaladvanced safety features in this storage system, only one shelf may be accessed at a time, decreasing the risk of injury to workers. Another option is that they can be outfitted with a monorail crane system.

Shelf capacities are available to meet just about any need- 500 lbs., 1,000 lbs., 2,000 lbs., 3,000 lbs. and even a stout 4,000 lbs. per shelf level.The standard top fixed shelf of these units can store 10,000 lbs.

Roll Out Storage Increases Efficiency
They reduce machine downtime by keeping dies and details next to the machine or operation that they’reused in.

In many instances, they eliminate a forklift truck in mold and tooling changeovers.

These rollout shelves save space by eliminating large aisles required for a forklift to turn into standard stationary racking.

Roll-out shelves represent an enormous increase in space efficiency in a production setting. Dies stored on roll-out racks as opposed to more traditional forms of die storage take up ¼ as much room on average, while still holding an equal number and type of dies.

Because roll-out racks are incredibly easy to access, there is also significant time savings for the workers using them. Thisaccess increases the efficiency of their labor in material handling.

Roll Out Die Storage to Meet Your Needs
Roll out die storage racks can be customized to meet the unique needs of your business. Among other factors, they are customized or selected to fit the dimensions of the storage requirements based on the material type. If needed, a hoist or crane may be incorporated into the rack design as well.

The shelves on these storage racks are all adjustable, meaning they can be configured and reconfigured to suit your changing needs.
When required, we provide cradles that are 100% customizable. They can be constructed from steel, wood, plastic, or dense foam if needed or preferred. They can also be adjustable if desired.

The racks ship 100% assembled, which saves time and money on assembly and installation.

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