Wire Partitions

 Tool Cage; Wire Partition cage with ceiling


When it comes to warehousing, businesses trust their dangerous and valuable assets to the protection offered by wire partitions. If it’s loss prevention you’re after, we’d love to help.

Sometimes called cribbing, fencing or caging, wire partitions can be applied to a number of objectives with the same consistent end: security against loss and harm (for employees, equipment and inventory alike).

Shelving + Rack Systems proudly distributes a full line of wire partitions built to the needs of our clients, providing professional installation where requested. Whether it’s rectangular mesh, diamond mesh, woven wire or welded wire, our end-to-end consultation services can help match your business’s unique challenges with the right wire partition product to ensure perfect fit and performance.

In all, these products are commonly used for:

  • Wire partitions, tool cribs, storage cages and security fencing
  • Pharmaceutical and drug storage venues (to meet DEA requirements)
  • Tenant storage lockers
  • Pallet rack enclosures and bulk rack enclosures
  • Pallet rack safety backing
  • Machine guards
  • Physical barriers
  • Data centers, co-location facilities, telecommunication providers and broadband networks

Wire Partitions Are Perfect For:

Tenant Storage Lockers

 Computer Server Cage

If you’re interested in learning more about wire partitions, or if you’d like a quote for your space, we’d love a chance to talk. Give us a call at 1-844-589-RACK (7225) or simply complete the form to your left.