3 Advantages of Using Pushback Pallet Racking Solutions

Pushback Pallet Racking

Pushback pallet racking is a high-density storage system that can provide several benefits to storage operations, including improved workflow efficiency, decreased labor costs, increased storage density, and enhanced employee safety.

Pushback racking is particularly useful for operations that use a last-in-first-out (LIFO) inventory management style. Under LIFO systems, the most recently received product is the first to be sold. This inventory management style is most commonly used in settings where the inventory does not lose its value over time.

Three of the primary advantages of using pushback pallet racking solutions include:

Improved Storage Density

One of the main reasons warehouses use LIFO and pushback pallet racking is the increase in storage density the systems provide.

Pushback pallet racks allow access to inventory from the front of the rack, meaning forklifts only have easy access to the front pallet. By reducing the inventory access points to one, pushback pallet racks reduce the warehouse’s need for additional forklift access aisles. With fewer access aisles required, more floor space is available to store inventory.

Pushback racking is designed to improve storage density by increasing the pallets each rack can store. They accomplish this by providing enhanced storage depth with deep pallet racking.

While every model of pushback racking facilitates double deep pallet storage, many pushback pallet rack models are capable of storing five or more pallets deep. By significantly increasing the facility’s storage density, pushback pallet racks can increase a warehouse operation’s overall profitability.

Improved Workflow and Productivity

Another benefit of pushback pallet racking is a significant increase in workflow productivity. Since these racking systems provide direct access to pallets, the time spent retrieving inventory is significantly reduced. And since pushback pallet racks allow forklifts to load and unload pallets without entering the lane, you will see an increase in productivity from your forklift operators.

The streamlined nature of pushback pallet racks also increases the speed of warehouse processes, such as inventory retrieval, evaluation, and loading. Combined, these factors greatly increase workflow and employee productivity, which saves operations considerably on labor costs.

One way warehouses can convert to a pushback setup and increase their facility’s workflow is by installing Shelving + Rack Supply, Inc.’s heavy-duty rolling conveyor.

This product can be used with various racking and shelving systems to convert them to pushback systems. Its 16-gauge galvanized steel rollers are designed for heavy-duty use, making this product a great choice for any warehouse operation that needs to convert to a pushback style of pallet storage.

Heavy-duty Rolling Conveyor

Optimized Logistics

By installing pushback rack systems in your warehouse, you can improve logistics and reduce the costs associated with running your storage operation.

Besides the decreased labor costs due to improved workflow and employee productivity, pushback pallet racks save warehouse operations money on costly racking system repairs. Reducing the rack’s exposure to forklifts greatly diminishes the odds of a forklift accident.

As a result, businesses will spend less on racking repairs and replacements, saving them large sums of money in the process.

In addition to protecting racks, the reduced forklift circulation in the warehouse protects employees from potentially deadly forklift accidents. This can save the lives of your employees while also reducing your liability.

Moreover, push back racking is designed to reduce the amount of maintenance that is necessary. By reducing the labor hours dedicated to cleaning and maintaining your racking system, pushback pallet racks help you save even more labor hours and improve productivity further.

Pushback Racking at Shelving + Rack Supply, Inc.

If your warehouse operation uses a last in first out style of inventory management, pushback pallet racking can help increase your facility’s productivity, reduce associated costs, and improve employee and material safety.

If you think this type of racking system may be right for your business, call one of Shelving + Rack Supply, Inc.’s project managers at (800) 589-7225 today. Our project managers have years of experience helping warehouse facilities optimize operations with intelligent storage systems solutions.