Consider the Following Points Before Buying Pallet Racking Systems

Buying Pallet Racking Systems

Pallet racking is an essential storage solution for warehouses and distribution centers. It provides a safe and stable platform to store and access high volumes of goods. By storing inventory off the ground, pallet racking systems allow you to maximize your space.

Pallet racking is available in various styles, sizes, configurations, and materials. Some units are designed purely for high-density storage, while others are built to accommodate fast and efficient product retrieval.

Although some systems are versatile, pallet racks aren’t universal. Before investing in pallet racking storage solutions, you must consider several factors about your storage space and operation.

Warehouse Size and Layout

Regardless of the industry, tailoring the storage system to the space is essential to maximize efficiency and create a productive working environment. This involves measuring the floor surface area and height of the premises.

If the warehouse has high ceilings but lacks horizontal space, you’ll need a storage system that vertically integrates into the facility. This type of racking must be built from heavy-gauge steel to sustain the weight of multiple load-bearing shelves.

Compact systems, like drive-in or push back racks, maximize storage capacity while reducing aisle space.

Selective racks are versatile and affordable, making them a popular option for all storage facilities, including warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing plants. Selective racks can be configured in multiple ways, using vertical and horizontal space.

Our galvanized steel pallet racks are a low-cost but durable solution for palletized inventory in a simple stock management system. The adjustable shelves can be reconfigured for various product types and sizes, offering direct access for a first-in, first-out (FIFO) retrieval method. These racks can be stacked vertically and support up to 30,580 lbs. per bolted frame.

Chain Driver Roller Conveyor

Types of Products You Store

The types of products you store influence your storage options. For example, medium to heavy-duty loads are often packaged and stored in pallets to facilitate efficient storage and convenient access. Standard pallets slot neatly into various systems, including selective, push back, or drive-in racks.

However, lightweight goods, like pharmaceuticals or food products, load into small cartons. These types of products are more suited to pallet flow racking systems. These semi-automated storage solutions transport items from loading bays to picking stations on inclined rails. This reduces interference with fragile products from manual handling or machinery, increasing safety and lowering operational costs.

Our inventory includes traditional style selective racks and individual components for assembling a pallet flow system. Depending on the products you store, you can choose from lightweight rollers to heavy-duty aluminum rails for your pallet flow unit.

We also stock chain driver roller conveyors for live storage applications. The 11-gauge steel construction means these rollers can sustain frequent use in busy warehouse environments. The 3/4 HP 220/3/60 motor ensures the products are in constant motion.

Inventory Management System

Factors like inventory turnover rate and stock rotation must be considered when choosing storage equipment. Some systems are configured for rapid rotation, while others are more suitable for low-density, long-term storage.

FIFO product storage and retrieval management systems rely on easy-to-access and fast rotation storage systems. Drive-in pallet racks are a perfect example of a high-density, fast-moving storage system. The compact racks are positioned closely together, maximizing aisle usage. They can be vertically integrated, making the most of your warehouse space.

Drive-in racks must be constructed with sturdy uprights. Since the products require material handling equipment or forklift access, they are vulnerable to occasional collisions. We stock various heavy-duty pallet rack uprights that can withstand the rigors of intense industrial use.

Our FastRak uprights, from Jaken, support up to 7,000 lbs. each. They are compatible with foot plates that can be anchored to the concrete floor for increased stability. The uprights feature a tear drop design, meaning they can be assembled and reconfigured quickly, without specialized tools.

Special Storage Requirements

Certain goods have special storage requirements to ensure they maintain their condition and don’t deteriorate quickly. For example, food and beverages may need to be kept in cooler rooms. Since most pallet racks are made from steel, cold exposure, temperature fluctuations, and moisture can cause corrosion.

If you have cold storage requirements, choose a racking material with a corrosion-resistant finish, like galvanized steel. If your facility stocks large, bulky, and awkward-sized inventory, you may need cantilever racks.

Cantilever racks are designed for storing long or bulky items, such as lumber, piping, or sheet metal. Unlike traditional storage racks, which have a horizontal beam that runs along the length of the rack, cantilever racks consist of a stable base, vertical uprights, and horizontal load beams. With no front support column, inventory can be accessed directly by forklifts.

We carry high-quality cantilever racks for light, medium, and heavy-duty storage. Our Series 2000 cantilevers are designed to handle loads of up to 36,200 lbs. per arm. Installation is quick and easy. The arms adjust on 3-inch centers to cater to different size products.

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