How to Buy Used Pallet Racking in Easy Steps

Buy Used Pallet Racking

Whether you’re opening a new business, expanding your current operation, or replacing equipment showing signs of wear and tear, buying used pallet racking can save you a considerable amount of money. Buying new pallet racking can be expensive and possibly unnecessary. Because this type of equipment is robust, used pallet racking can be in excellent condition and last for many years.

However, when buying any pallet racking system, there are several considerations, and buying the cheapest equipment isn’t always the best option. To choose the best pallet racking for your business, follow these five easy steps.

1. Consider Your Requirements

Pallet racks are modular and enable you to build to your precise specifications. Measure your available space and consider rearranging your current storage equipment to free up more space.

Check the height of the beam levels and confirm that the rack offers enough square footage for your goods. The kind of merchandise you store could dictate which type of used pallet racking system you need, so it’s essential that it matches your requirements.

Many warehouses overlook potential storage areas such as above the dock door. This can be an excellent location for used pallet racking as it allows you to store surplus material that you do not need to access regularly. Any unused space could be an ideal location for used pallet racking.

2. Conduct a Thorough Inspection

While used pallet racking may not come with the same guarantees as a new pallet rack system, they need to be safe and suitable for your needs. Carry out a visual inspection to check for rust or signs of excessive wear and tear.

Small chips in the paintwork or a scrape from a forklift may not affect the rack’s performance, but a significant dent near the rack beams could be dangerous.

Ask for each used pallet rack’s weight capacity and request documentation to prove it can support that load. If you cannot visit the vendor, you can ask them to email copies of certificates and high-resolution images of the equipment.

3. Check You Can Purchase Replacement Parts

If you purchase a relatively modern used pallet rack system, you should be able to buy spare parts. However, if the pallet racking is very old, uses a unique design, or is from an unfamiliar manufacturer, you could find it difficult to source replacement parts.

Wire decking that fits the dimensions, supporting bolts, and safety equipment are vital in any pallet racking system. If you can’t replace these items, you could breach health and safety regulations.

4. Buy from a Reputable Supplier

It may be tempting to buy used pallet racking from an advertisement on the internet, but this approach is fraught with problems. The racking system may not meet industry standards, you may not be able to inspect the racking, and the storage systems may only last for a limited time, leaving you with no form of recourse.

Although saving money is a significant benefit of purchasing used pallet racking, you should only buy from a trusted supplier who can guarantee the rack’s quality and capabilities. A good supplier can also advise of the best type of pallet racking for your needs and explain the difference between selective pallet racks, push-back racks, and any more variations.

If a supplier is unsure how the different used pallet racking systems can improve efficiency and safety, it is probably best to look for another vendor.

Used Pallet Racking Systems

5. Take Your Time

Used pallet racking is readily available, and you can purchase and have it delivered quickly. However, shop around and make sure you are getting the best price and a high-quality system. Buying used pallet racking is an investment in your business, and you want it to last a long time.

Final Thoughts

When you need more warehouse racks for your material handling processes, purchasing used pallet racking is an excellent, money-saving option. Used pallet racking is cheaper than new racking systems of high-quality construction, and you can buy the right amount to suit your current needs.

It’s crucial to get the right advice, and following our five-step process can help you get the best deal. For a consultation about your used pallet racking needs, contact the Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc sales team at (800) 589-7225.