3 Considerations when Adding Pallet Racks to Your Mezzanine

Any change to your warehouse needs to be considered carefully, in order to make the right decision about whether or not to go ahead with it. A pallet rack mezzanine is no exception.

Generally, any step that improves your efficiency or profitability should pay off in the long term. But you need to consider your short-term viability as well and avoid the need for loans which end up costing money through interest.

That said, a pallet rack mezzanine is an excellent way to offer more value for your square footage. Using a trusted provider, you will be able to fully understand what an expansion to your pallet rack mezzanine can offer your warehouse, and decide if it is the right option for you.

These are just a few basic considerations to factor in when looking to add pallet racks to your mezzanine. The principles apply to any layout change or decision, but we present some of the specifics relating to a pallet rack mezzanine purchase.

Pallet Racks

1. Accessibility

This is a key consideration for any mezzanine system. Typical access solutions include lifts, staircases, and conveyor belts. However, when adding pallet racks to your mezzanine, your accessibility requirements may increase.
Are your access options at capacity? If they are constantly in use, the chances are that your lifts and conveyors may struggle to cope with the increase in demand.

Alternatively, you may be looking to add pallet racks to your mezzanine in order to free up more office space, in which case you may only need to consider personnel access. Although personnel might be less of a consideration and can typically operate well with a single staircase, limited access could affect larger operations.

2. Safety

Adding pallet racks system to your mezzanine doesn’t need to be a complicated or difficult task, but it is vital to consider additional safety requirements. Accessibility options might satisfy your operational needs but do they satisfy safety requirements?

Personnel using a mezzanine for office space need to be able to evacuate quickly in a fire. It is quite possible that a single staircase won’t provide a satisfactory exit option for larger numbers of personnel.

You also need to include extra costs of barriers, sprinklers and other safety equipment that comes with your extra mezzanine space. These can quietly add up and are compulsory purchases that must be made before putting your mezzanine into operation.

One essential safety consideration is the load-bearing capacity of your supporting racks. Can they support additional pallet rack loads above? Failing to consider this could result in disaster, risks to personal safety and huge losses to your business.

pallet rack mezzanine

3. Value

Ultimately, the extra profit your mezzanine brings in must be able to outweigh the costs it comes with. You can buy a pallet rack mezzanine online, from a trusted provider, at a reasonable price. However, even well-priced expansion options can have an impact on your cash flow.

How exactly will adding pallet racks to your mezzanine improve your expansion? Well, done correctly, it could make you more money by improving your storage capacity without adding fixed costs. As an office space, it could even save further on rent for an external office environment.

Plan well, consider all the factors involved and other options available to make a great decision when it comes to your modifying your warehouse layout.

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