9 Uses for Mobile Industrial Shelving Units

Mobile Shelving Systems

Mobile industrial shelving is an excellent solution to many of the problems faced in storage. Storage space is at a premium in today’s market, whether you are setting up a small stockroom or a multi-warehouse system. Finding storage that provides value for space, even when storing smaller items, is a challenge.

Other issues that can impact your productivity is how easy it is to access your storage. Additionally, some may find that their current storage does not provide the security they need. These problems and more may be solved with mobile shelving units.

1. Small warehouse

Mobile shelving units slide on a track set, allowing you to separate them to access each unit. As well as the shelves being mobile, this makes your aisle mobile as well. You only need additional floor space for one aisle, along with the space required for the units themselves.

This makes mobile industrial shelving a good choice for any small warehouse. By eliminating the need for every shelf to have its own aisle, you could potentially double your floor space.

2. Retail storage

Many retail stores have limited storage on site. You may have only one small stockroom for your entire inventory. This can result in crowded and confusing storage areas that slow productivity.

Mobile industrial shelving units can give you the extra space you need. This will also allow you to place more shelving units into your stockroom. The units can be clearly labelled at the sides to show the contents of each shelf.

3. Archive storage

Long term storage of files and paperwork can be an issue for offices. You may need to keep records within easy reach, even if you are not certain when you will need them, wasting space with cabinets and bookshelves.

By using mobile storage units for long term archival storage, you can make the best use of your space. Finding the items you require can be done quickly and effectively.

4. Secure storage

One major benefit to mobile storage is that, if you install a computer access system, the units are completely secure. Personnel would need to enter a code to move the units and access the contents.

This added security could be valuable when storing medical files, for example. Law offices may also find these types of units very useful.

5. Storing books and files

It can be very difficult to use your space efficiently when storing books and small files. If you need to access individual books or files, the ratio of aisle space to shelf space is very unbalanced. Mobile industrial shelving allows a much higher storage density. At the same time, you can still access individual files or books as soon as you need them.

6. Small equipment storage

Workspaces that use various types of equipment or spare parts, perhaps in a manufacturing or repairs capacity, are often looking for more effective small storage. Keeping small parts in storage containers on mobile shelving units provides quick access and efficient use of space.

7. Cold storage

Storing perishable items means you are always limited to the size of your cold storage area. Mobile shelving units can be the best way to expand storage capacity while allowing you to save money with a smaller cold storage room.

This can be particularly useful for catering companies or restaurants. Pharmaceutical companies might also use mobile cold storage options.

8. Clothing storage

When it comes to clothing storage, high density is key. Mobile shelving units fall perfectly into the ideal type of storage for clothing and shoe storage. You can hang garments from rails in each unit, with shelving for folded items or shoes.

9. Expanding warehouse space

Even if you have a more spacious warehouse, mobile shelving can be an excellent addition to larger storage units such as pallet racking. Mobile units are easily adjustable for different needs. A fast paced fulfillment warehouse, for example, could benefit from shelving units that lessen the time needed for employees to reach the next aisle.

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