Common Mistakes People Make With Used Warehouse Pallet Racks

Benefits of Pallet Racking

Used pallet racks offer cost-effective warehouse storage for budget-minded managers. They often offer the same structural integrity and loading capacity as new packing systems and don’t have an extended lead time so that you can outfit your warehouse faster.

To make the most of your used pallet racks, ensure your warehouse racking can effectively accommodate your inventory and avoid these common mistakes.

Not Matching the Storage System with Your Inventory

The storage system you need depends on the inventory you carry. For example, if you stock long or bulky items like lumber, you may not want a pallet rack because a cantilever rack can accommodate your inventory better. Your storage system also depends on product turnover, storage and retrieval methods, and your layout.

Selective pallet racking is the base model of rack systems. It is called selective because forklifts have access to every stored pallet in the system. Selective racking is not a high-density option, so they do not use available floor space efficiently compared to other styles of racking.

Pallet flow racking is a high-density option for businesses that use first-in, first-out turnover. Pallets load into the back of a system then flow to the front when there is room. The forklift does not have access to all pallets in the system, so if accessibility is your main concern, this is not the system for you.

To avoid investing in an inefficient storage solution, know which pallet racking configuration is ideal for your storage needs. Choosing the wrong pallet racking system, whether new or used, can adversely impact your bottom line.

Buying Non-Universal Racking

Non-universal pallet racking limits your ability to expand your warehouse. Pallet racks, such as teardrop style Space USA racks, offer a modular system that is easy to reconfigure if your layout changes or if you need to increase your storage area due to inventory fluctuations.

You can easily engage in preventative maintenance for pallet rack damage when you purchase universal racking. When you purchase universal racking, you can quickly replace any damaged section of your storage system with new or used parts.

Purchasing Racking Unsuitable for Your Machinery

A racking system’s storage capacity is not only limited by the shelving. The material handling equipment in a warehouse must also be taken into consideration. If your forklift cannot reach the top of your storage system, you have wasted unnecessary storage money. Your storage rack’s height to depth ratio is determined in part by the material handling equipment and the product you store.

NobelLift economy pallet trucks

When you order your pallet rack, also consider what material handling equipment you will need. There are low-cost options, like NobelLift economy pallet trucks, that handle up to 5,500 lbs. loads with an overload bypass valve included.

Not Factoring in Freight Costs

When you consider the price of the pallet racks you are ordering, make sure to factor in freight expenses. The superficially cheaper option may involve a higher freight cost that makes it more expensive. It is a good idea to calculate freight shipping costs before you make any purchases. Factors that affect freight costs include the distance from the seller to buyer, the mode of transport, and the product’s weight.

Estimating Weights and Size Needs

Do not estimate how much your inventory weighs. Different pallet racks can hold various weights and pallet sizes, meaning you must know your inventory’s exact weights and configurations. Contact a pallet rack expert for help choosing the appropriate warehouse racking for your needs.

According to the Rack Manufacturers Institute (RMI), warehouse managers must have updated Load Application and Rack Configuration drawings. When you purchase a used pallet rack system, getting these drawings from the seller is critical.

Failing to Check for Damage

Used pallet racks save money, but they may come with the risk of weaker structural integrity. The most common damage to be aware of is to the vertical beams. Forklifts and other material handling equipment can damage the upright columns of a storage system.

Anchor damage is a significant risk, so inspecting all anchors is necessary for safety. Only work with a reputable seller of used pallet racking to ensure the safety of your inventory and employees.

Find High Quality Used Pallet Racks

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