Importance of Used Shelving in Business

industrial mobile shelving

Whether you’re a new startup or an established business, your storage and logistics needs inevitably change. Although the equipment you invest in may serve you well right now, the size, shape, and quantity you need shifts to match your inventory or customer base.

Shelving is a critical part of your storage strategy, especially since many safety considerations are involved. Many businesses buy brand new shelving for their facility only to sell it or leave it behind when they need to upgrade to larger shelves or a new warehouse.

You can buy used shelving and get decades of use from it if it’s in good working order. However, many businesses buy used shelving as a temporary stepping stone until they’ve reached their full capacity or ironed out their operation details. Other operations require used shelving, as it is compatible with older storage systems. The best option for you will vary, but used shelving is worth considering.


The single biggest benefit to used shelving units are their cost-effectiveness. Once they have been inspected by a professional, used shelving provides the same safety and utility level as new shelving. Occasionally, used shelving needs minor repairs for wear and tear before it’s ready to reuse, but this added cost is usually small and nowhere near the cost of new shelving.

These savings can be critical for new businesses operating on razor-thin margins but can also be important for large, established companies maximizing their budget. Since industrial racking and shelving systems can cost tens of thousands of dollars or more, any savings you can get can be reinvested into other essential equipment.

Environmentally Friendly

Although used steel shelving and storage racks can be recycled as scrap, the effort required to strip them of their paint, melt them down, and reuse them consumes a lot of energy. It’s more environmentally friendly to reuse it with some minor repairs and a fresh coat of paint.

Buying used shelving instead of brand new shelving helps reduce the amount of metal we extract from the earth. By being good stewards of the earth’s resources, we can ensure there’s plenty of those resources needed for other equipment in the future.

Importance of Used Shelving

Highly Customizable

Because so many businesses outgrow their used shelving each year, there is a large variety available. Office, industrial, and mobile shelving are among our most popular options, and we also have an assortment of larger pallet racking systems for heavy loads.

Many used racking and shelving systems are compatible with new technology and safety systems, so you can build a fully customized system without spending unnecessary money on the basics. Add extra guardrails, wire partitions, safety nets, and more to keep your facility in compliance with applicable laws and best practices.

Sourcing the Best Used Shelving

Your used office and industrial shelves need to be from a material handling equipment provider that’s reputable and does a thorough job with inspection and repairs. Instead of buying shelving from someone who doesn’t specialize in shelving, trust the experts with the knowledge and repair skills necessary to keep your team safe.

Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. is proud to provide high-quality used shelving solutions for various applications. We buy the shelving from businesses, inspect and repair it as needed, and then provide it to you at a significant discount over new shelving. We have a variety of easy to assemble racking and shelving options, so call us at (800) 589-7225 to speak to a team member about our range of products.