Industrial Shelving Systems Should Be Reliable

Industrial Shelving Systems

When you are choosing your shelving system, your shelving should be, at a minimum, reliable. Although reliable can mean different things to different businesses, there is some common ground. The shelving should hold substantial weights, be durable, easily accessible, and meet health and safety standards.

Shelving that fails to meet these specifications can contribute to inefficiency, increased costs, and even cause injury to employees. Fortunately, many excellent shelving solutions meet these criteria.

Pallet Racking Shelving System

This racking system enables you to store goods on pallets in a safe and organized manner. Made of heavy-duty steel, they have secure uprights, and the pallets rest on wide supporting beams. You can add wire mesh decking to create an extra layer of support. This is one of the most popular storage solutions on the market.

Steel Shelving

You can choose from many heights and widths of steel shelving units, and they are suitable for storing smaller goods that staff pick by hand. It’s crucial to make sure there are no sharp edges and that the shelves are secure in their fixings. You need to ensure staff are aware of weight restrictions and don’t overload any shelves because they could collapse.

Wire Shelving

For a more lightweight option, wire shelving requires less construction material. While the gaps help keep the overall mass to a minimum, smaller items can fall through the holes. For this reason, it’s best to store medium-to-large items on a wire unit, which prevents damaging goods and potentially hurting staff.

Because there is a reduced surface area, these shelves are less susceptible to rust or mold, meaning they can provide many years of service.

Shelving Systems

Rivet Shelving

Using a series of interlocking rivets, this is one of the most durable and reliable storage solutions available. They are easy to assemble because you only need to secure the rivets into slots on the frame, and then gravity helps keep the shelving in place.

They are useful for material handling of small items and more substantial merchandise, and the open-plan design means staff can see what goods are on the shelves.

Mobile Shelving

Popular for their ability to transport goods around the warehouse, these shelving systems need durable construction to ensure they don’t break down. They move on casters, and sometimes rails, and can also increase warehouse storage space. If you need to move items out of the way, they are ideal for short-term storage needs.

The Bottom Line

When planning your storage area, it’s essential to ensure your shelving systems are up to the task. By choosing well-built options that are durable and secure, you can increase your efficiency, profitability, and keep your staff safe from unnecessary risks.

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