Must-Have Mezzanine Accessories

Mezzanines bring huge benefits to the commercial warehouse, factory, or storage facility. The added space within an existing facility saves on rental costs, utilities, and taxes. Keeping your operation all under the same roof can reduce errors, misunderstandings, and mix-ups, and mezzanines are versatile spacing options. To get the most out of your mezzanine space, you will need to choose the right mezzanine accessories.

Mezzanine Accessories

But how do you choose accessories that most benefit your warehouse operation? The choices seem endless and too similar to make a difference, but the perfect accessories can mean the difference between efficiency and hinderance.

Here you will find a few considerations to help you choose accessories that will bring the most benefit to your workspace.

Consider What You Need for Best Efficiency In Your Workflow

Options for mezzanine workspace and storage can help you get the most out of your mezzanine. Raised landings, shelving, and conveyor systems can improve your workflow to save you time and money.

Raised Landing: If your mezzanine is used as extra workspace, you may need to consider a raised landing. These elevated platforms are beneficial when higher space is needed to reach equipment, machinery, or shelving. Landings come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can often be customized to fit your needed dimensions.

Shelving: Shelving on your mezzanine can be chosen according to your desired shelving system. Vertical shelves, automated shelving, and pallet racks allow you to store maximum product at a minimum of space.

Conveyor Systems: Conveyor systems within a mezzanine platform allow you to quickly and safely transport goods from the top to bottom floors. Rollers, hooks, and slides can be used to transfer products with ease.

What Safety Features Do You Need?

When your employees are working on a raised platform such as a mezzanine, it is vital to provide them with the safest work environment possible. When choosing mezzanine accessories, you should consider which safety features you might put into place.

  • Caged ladders
  • Safety rails
  • Gates
  • Safety stairs
  • Access doors

If you are using your mezzanine for office space or a work area, you need to be especially considerate of safety options. How will your employees reach the mezzanine floor in your facility? Caged ladders and safety stairs allow employees to ascend and descend without worry of a serious fall. These accessories come equipped with enclosed rails that protect employees from injury.

Gates, safety rails, and access doors protect employees and merchandise from falling off the mezzanine level. They come in a variety of styles and sizes and can be designed to match your unique needs. Rails can be open bars or fully closed off sections, depending on the use of your mezzanine.

Gates can tilt or even be removed to allow access to forklifts or scissor lifts. This is helpful when merchandise is directly loaded or unloaded on the mezzanine level.

When you’re looking to buy mezzanine accessories online, you will want to consider the particulars mentioned above. Workflow, merchandise, and safety are important facets that will be major deciding factors in your choices.

Trusted shelving experts like Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. can outline the choices and help you decide which accessories will work best for your warehouse. These professional partners can meet you on site to customize your mezzanine platform.