How Important is Warehouse Pallet Racking Shelving to Any Organization

Warehouse Racks Capacity

Any warehouse or distribution center that requires an efficient storage solution should consider pallet racking systems. Many organizations are already using these storage solutions as markets show continued growth in demand for pallet racking systems.

A pallet rack storage system is built to store pallets stacked on multiple horizontal shelves. But it is the efficient use of vertical space that makes pallet racking systems the ideal way for an organization to optimize its warehouse facility’s space.

Customizable and Modular Systems Meet Changing Needs

Pallet rack shelving is made to be customizable and interchangeable. The initial set of storage racks built for a space can be added to, subtracted from, and modified to suit the type and volume of inventory you need to store.

Organizations’ storage is limited by floor space. Increase your warehouse space with a pallet rack starter from Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. If you need to increase the storage capacity to manage increased inventory or company expansion, you can add to your storage system with our Add on Units.

These units are available with various options for beam height (96” and 144”), the number of horizontal shelves per unit (2 or 3), and depth (42” or 48”). The vertical columns have teardrop-style connections that allow you to easily set up and reconfigure your warehouse racking without any tools.

Different Systems for Various Types of Inventory Management

There are many kinds of pallet racking systems to meet any inventory management needs. The factors that will determine the style of your industrial shelving are your inventory size, weight, shape, and rotation requirements.

For instance, pallet flow racks are optimal if your operations require a first-in-first-out (FIFO) product rotation. A pallet is loaded in the back of the flow rack, and gravity moves it to the front. The correct product will be accessible from the front of the flow racks at all times.

Safety for Your Workers and Products

Pallet racking systems offer safety advantages over other storage systems because they are customizable, easy to replace, and highly secure. There is a range of storage system add-ons for safe material handling.

Flush Hardware

Organizations can install pallet guides to protect the storage system from normal warehouse accidents. Lifts that move pallets can damage the racking system, but you can minimize this damage by installing pallet guides.

custom sizes pallet rack

Safety additions also protect workers and ensure OSHA compliance. For example, guard net systems add an extra layer of security for gravity-assisted racks, like push back racks. Keep your workers and products safe while increasing storage capacity with pallet rack shelving and accessories.

Affordable Used Options

Due to the universal nature of pallet rack systems, organizations can buy used racks as additions to their storage system. Used pallet racks cost less than new systems, and they often come partially assembled, further reducing the shelving cost.

When you buy used storage systems, the quality of the material is the primary concern. To ensure a safe storage space, request detailed photos or videos of the used storage system.

You should buy from a reputable supplier. Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. inspects and confirms the quality of all rack system parts to ensure quality and safety.

Intuitive Organization for Warehouse Operations

Pallet rack storage is set up for easy access to your inventory. You can implement and optimize your Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) organization. The horizontal shelving is compatible with labels and barcode scanners for SKU optimization.

Bar codes scanners for SKU Optimization

Find the Right Pallet Racking Shelving for Your Organization

Pallet racking is an important warehouse storage system for your organization to consider. Its efficient storage space utilization, customizable capabilities, and variety of storage system options can boost productivity and minimize picking and handling errors.

At Shelving + Rack Systems Inc., we carry a variety of system options for your organization’s storage needs. Contact us at (800) 589-7225 with any questions about our products or to request a quote.