Safety Tips for Warehouse Storage Spaces

If you are operating a warehouse or large-scale storage facility, safety should be one of your top priorities. Each year, five out of every one hundred warehouse or storage employees are injured in workplace accidents, while an annual average of 16 workers are killed in these incidents, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

A failure to adhere to safety protocol can result in property damage, product damage, legal troubles, personal injury, or death. Here are several tips to ensure your business is operating safely, protecting your employees, your product, and your interests.

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  • Provide safety equipment to all employees

It is crucial you supply every worker in your company with the requisite safety equipment. Protective clothing like hard hats, high-visibility vests or jackets, safety goggles, and heavy-duty footwear can safeguard employees from a range of potential workplace incidents.

  • Keep floor space free of debris

Most trip-and-fall accidents occur because workers leave stock, waste, or other debris in aisles or other high-traffic areas. Train your employees on proper health and safety etiquette and ensure you have the required amount of storage.

For instance, if your staff is leaving stock on the warehouse floor, you may need additional storage racks.
If you need extra storage, consider a space-saving option like double deep pallet racks. These racks can help you to optimize your current storage space. Shelving + Rack Systems is a reputable provider of double deep pallet racks in Michigan.

  • Use the correct equipment

In the current economy, it is natural and understandable for companies to want to economize and reduce their outgoing costs wherever they can. However, one area where you should not cut corners is your equipment.

It is crucial you have storage equipment that can bear the weight of the product you are storing. Failing to do so could lead to stock falling from racks or a total collapse of your storage system, potentially damaging your property or causing injury to your workers.

In addition, make sure the way you are storing your product adheres to your state’s regulations. For example, most facilities must keep drums containing hazardous materials on racks with troughs underneath to protect workers and property from a hazardous spill. There must also be fire extinguishers in each storage area.

  • Maintain a high standard of staff training

Another primary contributor to the Bureau’s injury statistics is improper usage of forklift vehicles and a failure to follow basic safety procedures. Most of the injuries that take place in a warehouse or storage facility every year occur because of unsafe manual handling techniques.

Make sure your staff receive all required training and provide regular refresher courses to enable your workers to do their jobs safely.

double deep pallet

Final words

Safety in the workplace is of paramount importance for any employer, but even more so in a dangerous environment like a warehouse or storage facility.

Putting stringent safety policies in place can help to protect your workers from potentially life-changing injuries, with the added bonus of avoiding damage to property and costly legal issues.

If you would like more advice on how you can optimize your processes and equipment to ensure the safety of your employees, contact Shelving + Rack Systems for a consultation.

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