Using Different Types of Pallet Racking for Expansion

Types of Pallet Racking for Expansion

If your business or distribution center is expanding, you may find yourself juggling new logistical needs with intense space constraints. Keeping up with e-commerce, B2B, and import/export market changes is difficult, especially since the economy is hard to predict.

Once your business starts taking off, you need to act fast to create as much space as possible within your storage facilities. Different types of storage systems can help you make the most of available floor space.

Selective Pallet Racking

Selective pallet racks is a basic system for stacking as many pallets as possible while maintaining easy access to them. This is a common choice for businesses to start with because it can expand higher as your business grows. It’s suitable for companies with different products and who need to pull from pallets without moving other products around first.

Having multiple levels of pallet racking introduces new safety considerations as well. Local fire codes may require you to have shelving with at least some holes in it, so water from sprinkler systems can pass through to extinguish fires at any level. You will also need to consider attaching your racking to walls or bolting them to floors to prevent leaning, which can result in a catastrophic collapse.

The easiest pallet racking to install is roll-formed pallet racking. The upright frames for these racks have small teardrop-shaped eyelets for attaching crossbeams securely.

Push Back Pallet Racking

If you work in nonperishables, a first-in-last-out warehouse racking system may be the best high-density storage option for you. As its name implies, this system uses small carts on tracks that your team can load with a carton or pallet, then push them back into a storage rack until it’s needed later.

This type of racking minimizes aisle space while maintaining access to a product. It’s appropriate for storing large quantities of the same kind of product, instead of different types of products mixed together.

Pallet Flow Racking

Although mesh and grate decking is great for storing many types of boxes and pallets, it can be challenging to maneuver those objects on and off each shelf. Pallet flow racking can accommodate a pallet of a given width with just two or three rails with wheels on them. It’s a little different from carton flow racking, which has a broad base with many wheels or rollers to allow boxes of varying sizes to roll over them.

Like with other types of decking, you can have multiple levels of pallet flow racking to make the most of limited space. You can also put the racking on a slight incline to allow gravity to move boxes through a first-in-first-out system known as a gravity flow rack.

pallet racking

Cantilever and Drive-Thru Racking

Storing large or irregularly-shaped objects presents unique challenges, especially if traditional forklifts cannot safely maneuver them. Instead of using racking with mesh decking, wheels, or rollers, warehouses can use cantilever racking. Cantilever racks do away with the bottom layer of decking and the front crossbeam to allow specialized lifts to retrieve lumber, carpets, or other long merchandise easily.

If your facility has many pallets of roughly the same size and height, then drive-thru racking could be a fantastic option. Drive-thru racking streamlines pallet movement by allowing your forklifts to pick up a pallet, then continue driving in a straight line without backing up and turning around. Since backing up is a potential source of accidents, drive-thru racking could help you reduce workplace accidents.

Over Door Pallet Racks

Making the most of available storage space requires some creative thinking. When you have spare pallets lying around, storing them in regular pallet racking actually might be a waste of valuable space. Instead, keep them in specialized lightweight racks that are over your storage area’s delivery dock doors.

These racks aren’t useful for heavy-duty storage of goods. However, having the extra space for empty pallets keeps your warehouse storage clear of clutter, reducing the likelihood of accidents as your team works harder than ever.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

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