Warehouse Pallet Racks & Storage Solutions

Pallet racks and storage solutions

A warehouse manager needs to utilize every available tool at their disposal to maximize warehouse efficiency and achieve peak profitability. Pallet racks and storage solutions are one of the top priorities for any manager seeking to make the most of their available space.

There are many racking solutions on the market, and it can be challenging to pick the one that will optimize your systems. To help you make the best use of your warehouse space here are some tips.

Optimize Your Space

You can configure many types of industrial shelving to fit the space and dimensions in your workspace. Your decision will often come down to the merchandise you usually store. Some racks are excellent for bulky items or goods that are large and difficult to handle.

Other storage solutions will be better for small items that employees need to access quickly and regularly. The material handling process will be different depending on the goods with which the employee is working. So you must be able to adapt the shelving and storage solutions for those requirements.

Having wider or narrower aisles, building vertically, or using an industrial conveyor belt system are all options for your storage needs. Most warehouse managers take a value engineering approach, using the multiple available solutions to achieve the most benefit at the lowest cost.

Storage Racking System Features

A few crucial storage systems to consider come in the form of pallet racking systems, as you will require these in nearly every warehouse environment. A push back pallet rack allows a forklift driver to place their goods onto carts that sit on the inclined rails that are attached to the frame.

Gravity then gently moves the pallet to the back of the pallet racking area. This method is also known as a pallet flow system. When removing the merchandise, the first pallet on will be the last one off.

Although this requires the warehouse manager to use excellent organizational skills, it also enables them to store a large number of items in a confined space. As a high-density storage system, this method helps maximize warehouse space.

Selective pallet racking systems allow the forklift driver to access pallets without having to move any others. Employees can access the rack from a single side, or if required, you can purchase frames that are accessible from both sides, which can help improve efficiency.

While these systems don’t accommodate as many pallets in the same amount of space as a push back system, they do give more convenient access to goods.

Roll-formed storage solutions are suitable for lighter pallets. They use less steel as they come in a variety of different gauges. These types of racks are cost-effective as they require less material for their construction, they are easy to assemble, and are useful when handling large amounts of lighter goods.

On the other hand, if you need to handle heavy and cumbersome items, then a cantilever rack is likely to be the right choice. These steel structures accommodate goods such as timber and steel for industrial construction. They are very robust, and you can choose a configuration to suit your needs. It is possible to build these racks up vertically to make the most of the space between floor and ceiling.

Final Thoughts

It is essential to invest in the right pallet racks and storage solutions to ensure your warehouse is working as efficiently as possible. Turnkey solutions for racking storage solutions ensure you can design your system to meet your needs.

Specializing in pallet racking storage solutions for many years, Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. can help you make the most suitable storage choice for your warehouse space.

Choosing the right solution helps you to improve your performance, and it can help with a seamless permit and inspection process. Contact one of our experts today for a free consultation.