What are the Advantages of Using Mobile Racking?

Companies are constantly searching for ways to improve efficiency and productivity, and the right storage solutions in your warehouse or distribution center can make a significant difference to your bottom line.

Mobile racking and shelving systems offer an effective way to improve the management and storage of your inventory and can save your business time and money long-term. Here are some of the advantages of using mobile racking.

Saves Floor Space

The main advantage of mobile racking and shelving is that it saves floor space. Mobile racking can reduce floor space by almost 50% by effectively eliminating the need for standard aisle widths as only the working aisle needs to be open at any one time. Reducing your need for floor space is a great way to increase your inventory storage capacity without expanding your premises.

Facilitates High-Density Storage

Mobile racking is ideally suited to areas with limited space but a high quantity of inventory to store such as food storage facilities and walk-in freezers. These types of warehouse facilities often have large overhead costs for rent and utilities which makes a mobile high-density storage system a good business investment.

Improves Workflow

Mobile shelving and racking can help to streamline the workflow of your operation by improving the organization of your inventory. Cluttered offices often see a significant decrease in productivity due to the downtime needed to sort through hard copies of documents. A mobile shelving system keeps office documents and supplies well-organized which allows employees to use their time more efficiently and improves workflow.

Can Be Fully Integrated into Your Current Storage System

Mobile racks closely resemble standard pallet racks. The primary difference between the two is that mobile racking is mounted on rolling carriages that move along tracks installed in the slab flooring. This allows a mobile racking system to integrate easily with your current static racking system due to the compatibility between the pallet size and capacity.

Easily Accessible

Mobile racking systems allow employees direct access to the inventory using a streamlined automated system that moves racks either from a central control panel or individual controls on each rack system.

Just like static racks, mobile racks can be configured as a double pallet racking system allowing you access from either end by simply moving the system to open up aisles on both sides. This means that you can use a range of systems, including high turnover first-expired, first-out (FEFO) or first-in, first-out (FIFO) storage.

No Need for Specialized Picking and Loading Equipment

Unlike other electronic storage systems, mobile pallet racks do not need any specialized picking equipment to retrieve inventory. Standard forklifts can be used for loading and unloading as the rack system design allows for a single standard width working aisle to open up between racks. This allows for optimal maneuverability and protects both inventory and employees without compromising the space efficiency of the storage system.

Can Be Used for a Versatile Range of Applications

Depending on how your mobile racking system is configured, a single bay can carry up to 20,000 lbs. Systems can be built up to 36 feet and between 100-200 pallets long which means that a mobile system can be used for large scale warehouse operations as well as low volume distribution centers.

Other options such as mobile shelving units can be used for storing inventory, documents, and archives. Mobile shelving offers several options for opening and closing the system from manual crank levers to electronic controls. Mobile shelving also offers multiple security features such as key card or biometric locks to protect sensitive information or equipment.

The Wrap Up

Mobile racking and shelving offer a wide variety of benefits for your warehouse operation to improve workflow. Call Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. on (855)-456-9229 to talk with our storage professionals about how mobile racking can help you build a successful business.