When and Where is Wide-Span Shelving Required?

Wide-span shelving systems are a type of cost-effective industrial bulk storage system with many distinctive advantages. Understanding the roles and benefits of a wide-span industrial shelving unit is critical for managing your warehousing space.

Pros and Cons of Wide-Span Shelving

Wide-span steel shelving units are an excellent option for goods and products too small to fit on standard pallet racks yet too large or fit into traditional steel shelving.

They are also an excellent option for non-palletized and irregularly-shaped items or storing bins and other products requiring individual piece picking.

The main advantages of wide-span shelves include:

  • Modular design that is easy to assemble and move
  • Heavy-duty construction employing 14 gauge steel shelf supports and foot-plates
  • Accepts up to 2,000 lbs. of weight per shelf or wire mesh decks
  • Supports different decks, such as plywood, particleboard, steel, or wire decking

Despite the modularity and versatility of wide-span storage systems, they possess certain disadvantages, such as the inability to accept palletized items.

They are also unsuitable for forklift loading; products stored on wide-span shelves should be hand-loaded only.

The best way to use wide-span shelving is to treat them as a middle-ground between conventional shelving and pallet racks or other storage solutions similar to pallet racks, completing them rather than replacing them.

wide span industrial shelving

When to Install Wide-Span Shelving?

Whether you need to install wide-span shelving in your warehouse depends almost entirely on the type, size, and shape of the products you need to store regularly, such as cut wood and lumber, mechanical tools and elements, large boxed items, loose products in storage bins, large tins and buckets, and other wide-load products.

Keep in mind that your deck’s actual capacity may vary depending on the decking type and the space between each support beam.

You may also reinforce your decking with locking devices, ensuring they do not disengage from the support beams and increasing safety.

Where to Install Wide-Span Shelving?

Wide-span shelving units are available in various depths, widths, and heights, typically up to 26 ft. high, depending on the specific configuration ordered.

Their modular design also makes it very easy and convenient to assemble, disassemble, move, and reconfigure as needed.

Because these shelves consist of supports and decking designed to snap together, assembly and disassembly require minimal tools and next to no hardware. They also require very little regular maintenance.

This modularity allows you to install your wide-span shelving units almost anywhere, allowing you to adapt your storage to your space.

The Best Modular Shelving Systems

Regardless of your particular applications or your facility’s industrial sector, you may find that wide-span shelving systems are an excellent investment.

They are a highly versatile and adaptable storage solution, improving your facility’s efficiency without breaking the bank.

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