Why Your Business Should Consider Used Warehouse Shelving Racks

Vertical Storage Systems

In storage and warehouse facilities, racking allows warehouse managers to maximize vertical and horizontal space by stacking them on top of one another. A well-planned racking layout allows workers to be more consistent in picking, stacking, and organizing goods.

Although pallet racking is versatile, it can be expensive to purchase new, especially if your budget is tight. It is often more beneficial for businesses to look for used warehouse shelving racks as a cheaper solution. In many cases, used or refurbished shelving is in excellent condition and is tested to ensure it is OSHA compliant.

New vs. Used Pallet Racks

Choosing new pallet racking allows businesses to create the exact storage solution they desire for the warehouse or storage space. Whether you want to install a new mezzanine level or improve accessibility through a unique rack design or material handling equipment, new pallet racking offers you the freedom to design a storage system that optimizes your warehouse space and allows easy integration with your warehouse management system (WMS).

In addition to using pallet racks for storage, many businesses, such as Big Box department stores, need racking for display purposes. After spending years in warehouses, used racking may have adequate structural integrity, but it might also have dents, scratches, and other visible signs of wear and tear. New pallet racking systems are a better choice if starting a new business and industrial storage racks play an important visual role.

However, there are some considerable drawbacks when it comes to new industrial equipment. Although new racking gives you access to specific items and popular styles, it is typically more expensive to purchase than used racking.

In most scenarios, used shelves and racking are an excellent option. Not only does it mean more affordable, but it is also environmentally friendly. Modern consumers place a higher value on sustainability and environmentally conscious companies when it comes to spending their money, so used racks could enhance your business’ reputation. When it comes to choosing between new and used pallet racking, here are some important things to consider:

Low initial costs: warehousing and inventory management are expensive aspects of a business when it comes to the efficiency of warehouse operations. It’s important to look for ways to reduce costs where possible. Purchasing a used pallet rack ensures you keep your initial capital expenditure to a minimum while retaining cash flow for other important operations. It is particularly beneficial for new businesses or those that are expanding.

Quality and standards: the main concern for business management regarding purchasing used pallet racks is that they won’t meet safety or durability standards. However, if you purchase used racking from Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., you are guaranteed that your used equipment has undergone a thorough safety inspection, ensuring that it is compliant with OSHA and other industry standards.

Huge selection: although new pallet racking can be custom-made to suit the specific needs of your business, the manufacturing process is time-consuming, so you may need to wait several weeks before you can set up your storage facility. There is already a huge selection of used pallet racking in circulation. Warehouse managers and those in charge of distribution centers can choose from various styles of racking at a range of different sizes. When you work with Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., you have an extensive supply of used shelving rack options.

Easy installation: new pallet racking, custom shelving in particular,, can be tricky to install. You may need to hire experts to ensure the installation is done correctly. Often, used pallet racking is available pre-assembled or at least partially assembled. This can save you time and money, improving the overall productivity of your company.

Useful temporary option: when transforming your warehouse or going through a transitional phase, used racking is an excellent option. Rather than investing in a costly new racking system, used shelving allows businesses to use quality storage equipment without having to break the bank.

Environmentally friendly: reusing existing equipment extends the product’s lifecycle and reduces waste and the additional resources needed to manufacture new racking systems. For organizations that focus on sustainability and eco-friendliness as a core aspect of their business, used warehouse shelving racks provide an excellent way to reach their targets.

Used Warehouse Racking

Why Buy New When Refurbished Will Do?

If a business requires a specific type of shelving that isn’t available second-hand, they may need to find a combination of new and used shelving equipment. Some popular used components you can find on the market include:

  • Beams
  • Uprights
  • Wire decking
  • Steel shelving
  • Clips
  • Row spacers
  • Upright frames
  • Cantilever racks
  • Pallet supports
  • Metal shelving
  • Wire shelving
  • Rivet shelving
  • Push back racks
  • Column protectors

Types of Racking Systems

Some of the most popular types of warehouse racking systems are:

Single-Deep Pallet Racks

Single-deep pallet racks consist of single bays that are easy to access from both sides of the aisle. They are suitable for small to medium capacity storage facilities where space is at a premium. This type of racking can also be used for medium-weight stock and palletized items.

Double-Deep Pallet Racks

The main advantage of double-deep racks is that they add a second row of pallets to your bay. Although they give you less visibility than a single-deep pallet rack, they allow you to order a higher density of product.

Gravity-Flow Racks

This type of rack is perfect for your warehouse team if you operate on a first-in, first-out basis. After new products arrive, the pallets are loaded onto shelving racks from behind. Once a warehouse delivery is complete, the older products are moved to the front of the rack for easier access. This consistent use of racks helps warehouse crews access goods faster, ensuring they carry out their jobs more efficiently.

Drive-Through Racks

These racks are designed, so the dimensions of each bay allow easy access with forklifts from either end. Each new shipment can be stacked quickly on storage decks, contributing to increased efficiency on the storage site.

Other Types of Racking Systems

In addition to these shelving options, other popular types of racking systems include:

  • Carton flow rack systems
  • Ridg-U-Rak slotted systems
  • Metal shelving
  • Teardrop pallet rack systems
  • Keystone style pallet racking
  • Selective pallet racking

How to Choose a Warehouse Shelving System

After assessing your inventory and facility, you’ll learn whether you need structural steel, lumber, wire decks, or other materials for your specific business. However, some of the most important considerations are:

Used shelving assembly: the ease of assembly is an important consideration, especially if you purchase used racks as temporary storage for seasonal inventory fluctuations. Choose modular racking systems that require minimal installation, particularly if it involves multiple small parts or you have to mount the shelving near a wall.

Pricing: your budget affects all business decisions; however, you need to decide if the lower price provides you with a racking system that meets your needs.

Condition: when purchasing used goods, you should always inspect the condition of the merchandise. Examine the racking system for signs of damage that may impact the load-bearing capacity, and check for dents susceptible to corrosion.

Partnering With a Reliable Shelving Rack Provider

Whether you choose new or used pallet racking, partnering with an experienced supplier ensures you install a quality product built to last. Contact Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. to speak with our design team and find out more about creating the ideal warehouse storage layout for your facility.


How much do pallet racks cost?

The price of used pallet racking depends on the type of pallet rack and the number of uprights, beams, and decking you need. It also depends on the type of material used to construct the system; rolled steel is usually 5-10% cheaper than structural steel.

What is an R-Mark?

An R-mark is a certification given to pallet racking systems by the Rack Manufacturers Institute. It indicates that the suppliers’ calculations, stress testing, and rack capacities meet the most current industry standards, ensuring that your racking system is safe.

What is the most popular type of used pallet racking?

Selective pallet racking is the most common choice for many facilities due to its versatility. It allows you to access inventory from both sides easily, so it is useful for both FIFO and LIFO warehouse storage.