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Cantilever storage systems from Shelving + Rack Systems offer a practical solution to storing long or oddly shaped items that do not fit in other racking or shelving systems. Unlike other racks, cantilevered systems only use vertical supports at the rear of the rack. This eliminates support uprights that might block the entrance of items into the rack so that each piece can use as much horizontal storage space as it needs.

Store Long Materials

Cantilever storage racks can fit lumber, boards, pipes, and other similar construction materials. Because cantilever systems do not use support uprights, they can also accept oversized materials or items of non-standard lengths.

Cantilever racks hold long items parallel to aisles, making it easy for forklifts to access stock in the racks for storage or retrieval. Easier access increases your company’s productivity by decreasing handling times. In retail settings, the parallel storage also allows customers to easily inspect the entire length of an item as they walk along the aisle, making them more likely to buy your products.

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Optimize Storage

Designed without vertical supports, cantilever storage systems do not suffer the same restrictions to size and shape that other storage systems do. Consider buying these racks today.

Cantilever storage racks offer open-ended storage for items that do not match the standard dimensions for palletized storage. These racks minimize empty space by removing the vertical dividers that would otherwise block oddly sized items from using only as much space as they need. Equipped with decking made from corrugated steel, solid wood, or open wire mesh, these racks can also accept items that are shorter than the distance between each cantilevered arm.

Cantilever storage systems from Shelving + Rack Systems also offer a myriad of options to suit your specific storage needs. To accommodate taller or shorter items, the height of each shelf is adjustable to increase or decrease vertical separation as desired. Braces, guards, and other similar add-ons can help keep stock contained, and in-rack fire suppression sprinklers can protect flammable material storage spaces.

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