Buy Shelving Mezzanines and Catwalks Online in Michigan

Increase your warehouse’s efficiency with customized, flexible, and secure shelving mezzanines and catwalks designed to expand the cubic footage of any space.

Expands Floor Space

Easily multiply your facilities storage space by taking advantage of high ceilings using shelving mezzanines and catwalks. These modular storage solutions can be expanded to any height or width, creating high-density inventory storage or additional floor space.

Perfect for lifted office space and storage shelves, they can also provide walkways for easy access for warehouse workers to reach stacked goods. Maximize the square footage you have by building upwards, even if you have very limited main floor space.

Customization and Flexibility

These easy to install and adapt storage solutions are great for expanding businesses, or anyone looking for adjustable warehousing configurations. Shelving mezzanines and catwalks are designed especially for your buildings needs. Accompanied by a wide range of accessories, from plastic bins to ladders, allowing for full customization of your storage space.

Shelving Mezzanines

They are fully modifiable in height and width, fitting to whatever space requirements you have. Depending on the goods or inventory you are storing, the units can be adjusted to create high-density storage or expanded to allow for full height walkways. As your business grows, these storage solutions can grow with you.

Secure Construction

Our shelving mezzanines and catwalks are semi-permanent structures designed to be moved or reconstructed, but also provide safety and security in their construction. High-quality materials make them durable and reliable, excellent for heavy-duty ongoing use.

Fully OSHA compliant, these shelving and walkway systems with accompanying stairs, deck-overs, handrails, and platforms allow workers to safely access inventory or floor spaces from the main floor up to the ceiling. Our professional installation team with make sure your storage space is well constructed and up to building code.

Let us be your trusted partner for all your storage and material handling concerns and contact us today.



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