Carpet Racking Systems in Michigan

Storing carpet is a challenge. Carpet usually comes in rolls that are 12 feet long, with a range of diameters varying according to the thickness and length of the carpet. Carpet racking systems must factor the awkward size and potential variance of carpet rolls, in order to offer a solution which allows for optimal space usage, accessibility, organization, and visibility.

Carpet racking system

Optimal Carpet Racking

Most carpet distributors and retailers store carpet in rolls. There are different approaches to holding carpet rolls, but a common method is to use a series of appropriately-spaced shelves. These shelves come with a corrugated steel racks installed to prevent denting to the carpet. This spreads the weight of the carpet evenly and reduces the amount of pressure on any single part of carpet, which might cause denting.

Shelving +Rack Systems provides carpet racking systems and solutions from a number of manufacturers. Experts can help you to meet your exact carpet rack needs by talking to your managers and staff, in order to understand your storage requirements. Whether you require high-density storage or prefer to optimize your storage for quick access, Shelving + Rack Systems can tailor a design for your business.

Our CAD systems can plan and demonstrate carpet racking systems to you, the client before you purchase any racking. This technology allows us to combine offerings from different manufacturers, and experiment with layouts that will work for your storage space and goals.

For instance, in warehouses that do not allow for sufficient space for a 90-degree forklift turn, we can help you plan a herringbone rack pattern layout that allows for easier access with less rotation.

Optimal Carpet Racking

Safety and Organization

Many carpeting materials are flammable, heavy and can roll around in their roll form. This presents a risk of fires starting and spreading, as well as a personnel risk if the carpet is not secure and well organized.

Our experts can advise you on sprinkler systems, optimal spacing to reduce fire risk and ideal forklift operation. This can prevent injury and improve the efficiency of your storage environment.

Let us be your trusted partner for all your storage and material handling concerns.

Let us help you determine the most efficient and effective systems to improve the overall productivity of your warehouse, distribution or commercial operation.



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