Carpet Roll Storage in Michigan

There is no reason your carpet roll storage shouldn’t be just as efficient and workable as any other goods or materials. Although carpet roll storage comes with a few extra requirements, these are easy to factor in with proper advice and the right equipment.

Carpets can range from high turnaround items, that might be seasonal or in-line with a current trend, to low turnaround items catered towards a more specific consumer. Whatever your carpet roll storage requirements, our team of experts can help you find a great solution to meet your needs.

Storing Carpet Rolls

Storing Carpet Rolls

At Shelving + Rack Systems, we understand the storage requirements of a huge range of items in the warehouse industry. Our team is proud to number carpets among the products we cater for in our catalog.

Working with your team, we can help to determine the specific needs of turnaround and storage density that come with your operation. Once we establish your goals, our experts can present potential layouts using our CAD technology to help you understand the options before you buy any hardware.

For best practice carpet roll storage, we offer shelves equipped with steel corrugated racks to spread the pressure on the carpet and prevent denting.

Safety and Operation

Our offerings include open and closed decks, depending on your requirements. We understand that carpet requires plenty of aisle space for forklifts to operate efficiently and access the carpet easily. If desired, we can help you to design a herringbone floor plan that amount forklift trucks need to rotate, saving you valuable warehouse space.

Carpet Roll Storage

Carpet can be flammable, and there are special requirements in place to leave space between carpet rolls. Our team can help guide you through these requirements and ensure your warehouse meets regulations at a minimal cost to your efficiency.

Our carpet shelves are strong, but you should still take note of the maximum weight limits and adhere to them when using carpet roll storage.

We offer a full range of new and used material handling and storage equipment from quality manufacturers at competitive prices. Call and let us start working for you today.



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