Commercial Racking Systems in Michigan

Shelving & Rack Systems carry a variety of brands of commercial racking systems to accommodate the operations within your warehouse or distribution center. Racking is fundamental for storage, access and product organization for smooth handling.

Optimal Efficiencies

The racking system is essential, but the racks must have an efficient layout to function within the workspace to be rendered indispensable. Rack layout, along with the number and width of aisles, need to be conducive to product demand. Employees need to be sufficiently trained in the use of the racking system for streamlined picking and the productive use of vertical space. At a minimum, the rack plan should accommodate current operations with the vision for reconfiguration to adapt to changes over time in customer base, sizes and types of stock keeping units and regulations.

Pallet Systems

Since most products are trucked in on pallets, the most common is the pallet racking system, but there are many variations due to volume, size, and turnover. Each racked pallet must be accessible to a fork or vertical lift for loading, handling, and stock rotation. Deep-lane pallet racking with gravity-dependent tracks allows for multiple pallet storage for the effective use of vertical space.

Commercial Racking Systems

Bulk Storage Racks

Bulk storage racks are useful for products too large for shelves and prove suitable in the maintenance and repair operations of a warehouse. The placement of bulk storage racks is practical under mezzanines to gain needed space.

Moveable Rack Systems

Rack systems on carriages can utilize dead-end aisles to increase storage capacity. The versatility of a moveable system can accommodate any product size, weight, and shape. Additionally, movable rack systems are best suited for seasonal or slow-moving inventory.

Commercial Racking

It is recommended to plan a commercial racking system for the efficient use and function of both floor and vertical space at present, but with a vision of reconfiguration for the future.

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