Vending Machines

Vending machines offer employees easy access to tools and other useful inventory, while also providing an excellent solution for businesses to manage their inventory automatically.

Vending machines can be stocked with a wide variety of products, such as tools, supplies, gloves, safety items, and fasteners. You can make any items regularly used by your staff available through a vending machine.

The vending machines are specifically designed for industrial use and include inventory software to support stock allocation and forecasting.

You can choose the type of storage system used by the vending machine depending on the inventory, including drawer systems, carousels, and coils.

How Vending Machines Work
Unlike vending machines for consumers, industrial vending machines do not take cash. The employee simply scans their ID, badge or fingerprint, and the machine dispenses the item. After use, or if you choose the wrong item, you can return it to the machine.

The sophisticated software accurately accounts for all inventory, so you know when it was removed, by whom, and when it was returned. This enables companies to more effectively manage their stock and encourage the best practice amongst workers.

The software can also help with order forecasting as it will know when stocks are low, and inventory needs replenishing.

Benefits of Vending Machines
Vending machines offer a completely automated storage solution for inventory. This helps save on inventory costs. Workers must take ownership of the tools and materials they use, reducing wastage.

You can also set restrictions as to when, to whom and what sorts of items the machine dispenses.

Vending machines help you make better use of the space in your facility. Using vending machines keeps your inventory organized and minimizes the chance items get lost or misplaced. You reduce your stock-outs and obsolete inventory also.

Shelving + Rack Systems can help you decide on the best type of vending machine for your particular requirements and offer advice on how best to use the software features to manage your inventory using an automated storage system.

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