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Folding Security Gate

Security is a primary concern for many business enterprises. While some may have valuable inventory that needs to be protected, others have industrial tools and equipment paltform that present a danger to personnel or others. Folding gates- sometimes called scissor gates are a Loss Prevention Solution. They provide a safer, better ventilated and more secure location.

Investing in an infrastructure to promote safety and security is one of the most cost-effective ways to prevent accidents, inventory loss, and risk of liability.

Quality Folding Security Gate

Folding and security gates are constructed from galvanized steel. Both standard and heavy-duty construction options are available.

The gates come in many standard sizes, specific size lengths and heights can also be customized, ensuring that the gates can meet the needs of any size space.

A variety of gate designs are also available. These include barrier gates, portable aisle gates, portable heavy-duty gates, garage door gates, man door gates and storefront gates.

The mounting hardware used to secure the gates is the sturdiest available on the market today.

Security and Safety for Your Business

Gates have a simple function for most businesses, yet their importance cannot be overstated: they keep inventory, valuable items, and people safe.

Many businesses have sensitive inventory that needs to be kept under strict control, either due to the nature of the merchandise itself or its high value. Using security gates can restrict or limit entry to areas containing this inventory.

Almost all industrial and commercial operations will have designated areas that should not be accessed freely by the public or by employees for safety reasons. Unauthorized access to these areas could represent a significant safety hazard and result in injury or death of someone. Security gates prevent these areas from being accessed and reduce your business’s risk of liability.

Industrial Gate Solutions

The design of these gates allows for entry of light, air, HVAC, and fire suppression systems.

These folding and security gates have been used in a variety of industries, including warehousing and transportation, automotive, medical, pharmaceutical, retail, and technical industries.

Regardless of your industry, there is a folding or security gate that can meet your business’ needs, or that can be custom-built to fit the unique security challenges your business faces. Investing in gates to protect your business is a cost-effective way to prevent damage, loss, and other unwanted outcomes.

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