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Lock Options

Wire partitions and cages provide some of the best ways to secure and protect merchandise in a storage environment. However, with our many lock types and combinations available, you will have the system that works best for what you want to do.

Standard Lock

Key Lock Front with a Recessed Thumb Turn Knob Back

The standard lock for wire cages and partitions contains a keyhole on the front and a manual recessed Thumb-Turn Latch on the back. This allows a person to open the lock from inside the cage or door. The holes between the wire are not large enough to fit a hand through so there is no worry about someone using this inner lock to break in.

The standard lock is an excellent choice if personnel is regularly entering the caged-off area because no one wants to be trapped inside a storage area. Also, the use of a key lock is ideal for a company who is trying to limit who has access to a specific area.

Alternative Front Types

The thumb-turn latch is easy to open but does not lock. This type of door simply latches shut. Thislatch is ideal for situations where it is unnecessary to keep people out of a specific area.

Door Knob/Lever Handle Locks and latches for wire partitions and cages can also be customized in many ways. The front and back of the lock can be a doorknob or lever handle, which can make it easier and faster to open the area. This could be ideal in situations where personnel are regularly entering and leaving an area while carrying products.

However, this option does not always include a physical lock. Typically, it latches and does not require a key to open.

Cylinder less the core is an option when you want to key a lock to your key system.

Keypads- Keyless locks

Another way to lock a wire cage or partition is to secure it using various keypads. Keypads require a custom numeric combination to open. A keypad is a good option for companies with a lot of employees. Rather than making many keys to distribute among workers, then making new ones when the key a worker who is no longer with the company or loses a key, a code is convenient. You can change the code whenever you want. Coded locks allow quicker access, ideal for workers that regularly go in and out of a restricted area.

Depending on which keypad you elect to use, the password can be anywhere from four to ten digits long. Options include Coded Card Reader, Ten Digit Key Pad, Adams Rite eForce Keyless entry and 5 button coded lock

Biometric Finger Reader

Biometric finger reader locks are also available for wire cages and partitions. Depending on which type of finger reader is purchased, the person may even have to input a code on a number pad after placing their finger on the scanner.

Alternative Back Types

Push Bar– spans the full width of the door. Use with a key front. Used only on hinged doors.

Alarm Paddle Type Lock– A battery-powered alarm sounds when opened. Can be used on hinged doors only with a key front.

Hand Push Paddle– for a fast exit. Used with a five-digit push button lock or key. Used on hinged doors only.

Electric Locks

Electric strikes permit hinged doors to open when triggered by an electrical locking device. Used on Hinge Doors Only.

Magnetic Locks sliding doors are secure when magnetically locked closed. Needs an electrical lock to activate. Used with sliding doors only.

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