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Tool Cages

Each company must make sure its tools, equipment, and inventory are safe from pilferage andunauthorized access- yet those same tools, equipment, and inventory must also be readily available for use and sale.

Walk-in Cages

One solution for secure storage is a tool cage. The tool cage can be placedanywhere in the building. The easy visibility allows for eyes-on security, while trusted staff can access their tools when needed.

Cages are designed to fit into just about any spaces which might otherwise be considered unproductive space. Wire mesh panels are welded to a frame and then bolted to a post which is anchored to the floor or walls. Ourmodular cage systems have the option of adding ceiling panels for extra security.

Larger tool cages include built-in service windows. Inventory control staff can sign tools in and out, limiting access to the tools and reducing the chance of loss and pilferage.

Cage Construction

Use of cages to partition secure areas, such as tool cribs or computer server areas,takes advantage of the cage’s open wire mesh design.

HVAC systems and fire suppression systems work well with cages. Air freely flows through the cage and automatic sprinkler systems are not inhibited.

Wire mesh panels are shipped to you welded to a frame and then bolted to a post, which is anchored to the floor or walls.

Cages are flexible. They are constructed from panels from one to ten feet wide and four to five feet high; you can easily reconfigure them as the needs of the workspace change. Panels stack between the posts to attain your desired height. As your needs change, the cages can be easily dismantled, moved and set back up in a different design.

Our modular cage systems have the option of adding ceiling panels for extra security


Our tool cages can fit with just about any lock type you require to meet your needs- standard key locks, door knobs, thumb turn knobs, ADA compliant lever handles, mag locks, keypads, electric strikes, coded card readers, Biometric Finger Reader & Keypad, push bars, push handles, alarm locks, Five-Button Coded Access Lock too name a few.

Custom Design and Installation

With our broad range of sizes and products, we can provide a “custom” design for you to meet your needs without ahigh cost generally associated with custom products.

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