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Tool Cage

Every company strives to find the right balance between protecting their tools from unauthorized access while making them available to trained staff. This scenario is where tool cages are essential.

Storage cages are an excellent solution as they offer a safe place to store tools while providing staff with quick access when they need equipment. Welded wire panels allow security staff to see into the security cages, and they are robust enough to keep out intruders.

Double-hinged mesh panel doors ensure the area remains closed until an employee opens the door when entering or leaving.

Equipment cages are modular, and you can build a large or small storage area depending on your requirements. As your business expands, you can extend the area in foot increments, gradually increasing your tool storage space. Using one to ten feet wide sized panels that are four to five feet high, you can turn unused floor space into a secure storage area.

If you have a substantial amount of equipment, you can use larger secured areas with a service window. Authorized staff can sign equipment in and out as appropriate. You can improve organization using standard-sized sheet metal panels to create a secure partition. You can add sliding doors within your partition system when you have a secure requirement that mandates separation from the main storage area.

If you’re ready to build a tool crib, contact the Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. sales team at 800-589-7225.


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