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Wire Partitions

Solid, well-constructed wire partitions are an excellent option to control your products, segregate areas and to help keep your workers and products safe.

What Is a Wire Partition?

A wire partition is a modular security system typically used to protect a specific area or set of products within your facility, warehouse or factory. They can be designed as a one, two, three or four-sided enclosure, with or without a ceiling.

We have multiple wire partition systems to secure pallet racking system. Whether it’s for individual sections or continuous rows, we have the answer.

Our partitions are of a modular design- are manufactured as panels and installed at your facility as needed and can be easily relocated or removed and taken out as your needs change.

What Are the Benefits of Wire Partitions System?

Our partitions are fully customizable, and you can design them with the help of stock posts and stackable panels. Cost effective, you can build any height or shape you want to fit the needs of your operation quickly and efficiently.

Wire partition can help keep specific products safe and secure. These styles of partitions allow ample light inside that permits workers or security personnel to quickly identify any obvious anomalies. Wire partitions also allow air to flow more freely.

If somehow one part of your wire partitions gets damaged, the simple design makes replacement quick and easy. You can replace the damaged section without hurting the integrity of the perimeter or investing in a full replacement.

Additional Uses of Wire Partitions & Security Cages

Another excellent use for these partitions sometimes (referred to as wire cribbing) is for a tool cage or tool crib. You want to make sure your supplies and tools are controlled, protected and out of the way when they are not in use. A wire crib cage set up in a corner or the center of your shop floor keeps everything accessible yet safe and secure at all times. Choose a one, two, three or four-walled option for a tool cage.

They are used in Computer Server Farms as Server Colocation Enclosures to segregate servers and server racks- providing secured access as needed. The modular design makes them easywire partition is a modular security system typically used to protect a specific area or set of products within your facility, warehouse or factory. to reconfigure to meet the constant changes that occur in these facilities.

Wire cribbing enclosures (a common name for wire partitions) are great for Quality Control Cages or QA storage / segregation. The flexibility of our products design allows for changes, as you need it

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Door Options

Include hinged doors, double hinged doors, sliding doors, double sliding doors, self-closing doors and even tunnel sliding doors without any overhead door tracks.

Lock Systems

Outfit your door of choice with one of our many lock systems- standard cylinder locks, simple padlocks, card readers, fingerprint locks, electronic strikes, push button locks, push bars, just to name a few.

Woven Wire Mesh Varieties

Wire partitions are available in various mesh sizes and wire gauges to meet just about any requirement or specification.

Woven Wire Mesh 840 Style is today’s standard wire mesh; it is a 10-gauge wire, woven into a 2″ x 1″ rectangular mesh. This opening 2″ x 1″ wire mesh size is ample enough to provide a clear sight of inventory or whatever else is on the other side of the enclosure.

6 Gauge wire woven into a 2” X 2” mesh is commonly in used export – import areas and by many government facilities.

8 Gauges wire woven into a 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ square is a strong mesh and is used when a smaller opening is required. This is a better substitute for 9-gauge chain link fence when it is specified.

10-gauge wire woven into a 3/4″ x 3/4″ square mesh has been successfully used by pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors, small pill bottles cannot pass through this small wire mesh opening. Liquor distributors, which have miniature bottles (airline), use this our mesh for the same reason.

12-gauge wire woven into a 1/2″ x 1/2″ square mesh is another common size that is used in government applications where money is handled. Our smallest coin, a dime, will not fit through an opening that small. Machine guarding is another application for this 12 ga. ½” mesh.


With this style, wires are welded together at every wire juncture. Our welded wire mesh doesn’t weigh as much because the wires are straight – not crimped as in woven wire mesh; so, it doesn’t require as much wire to manufacture. This is a good option where cutouts need to be made around pipes, roof joists, etc. as the mesh will not lose its form.

10-gauge wire welded into a 1/2″ x 1/2″ square mesh is our most common and widespread mesh.

10-gauge wire welded into a 1 1/4″ x 2 1/2″ rectangular mesh is used in perimeter and machine guards. This mesh satisfies Robotic Institute of America (RIA) standards.


Our standard stock finish is gray enamel; other colors available with an extended lead time and cost are red, white, blue, safety yellow, black, white and orange.

Also available:

  • Galvanizing
  • Plain unfinished Steel
  • Stainless Steel- Brushed
  • Stainless Steel- Electro Polished
  • Powder Coat

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