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Track Mounted Ladders

A variety of businesses use track mounted ladders to access tall racks or shelves safely and securely to store and retrieve inventory.

These ladders are mounted on overhead tracks attached to the racking with wheels resting on the floor. Employees push them along the tracks from location to location within warehouses or storage facilities.

Depending on the type of shelving used for storage, you can mount ladders that move from side to side directly on the shelves.

Track mounted ladders allow you to reposition them for aisle access by forklifts or other equipment when necessary. The upright and vertical positioning permits easy storage.

Efficient Storage Solutions

The primary advantage of a track mounted ladder system is it facilitates efficient use of storage space and saves time and labor.

Using a track mounted ladder system allows you to store on shelves much higher than you ordinarily would stack them. This stacking system increases the amount of inventory stored per square foot, enhancing the efficiency of limited space. Products stored and accessed using track-mounted ladder systems translate to a facility that is substantially more space-efficient than facilities using other methods of product storage.

Track mounted ladders decrease the amount of time your employees spend removing items from shelves and moving ladders from location to location to fulfill orders or restock shelves.

Ladders for Business and Industry

Track mounted ladder systems offer unparalleled convenience and ease of use. They require no special training and allow as-needed access to inventory that might otherwise gather dust in a warehouse corner.

These track mounted ladders feature sturdy steel construction and can withstand years of heavy use without showing signs of wear and tear. They come in a wide range of heights and dimensions to suit most business and industrial applications.

Both single track and dual track ladders are available. Single-track ladders move in only left to right, while dual track ladders can move left or right and forward and backward.

Industries that have successfully employed track mounted storage include retail sales, wine stores, liquor stores, bookstores, libraries, warehousing, universities, storage, and auto parts stores, among others.

Safe and Secure Inventory Access

Track mounted ladder systems are safe and easy to use.

The track mounting does not tip over. All track mounted ladders have brakes to prevent wheels from moving during use. Several models come with a guardrail, which helps reduce the risk of falls. The top mount and wide base of these ladders makes them very stable.

These ladder systems are sold with all parts required for installation, including the ladder, track, wheels, brackets for mounting, and all the hardware required for assembly.

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