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Materials handling is among the most significant challenges faced by businesses of all sizes. When done correctly, it increases the efficiency of operationsand contributes to the bottom line.

Hand trucks or two-wheeled dollies are among the most cost-effective methods of improving material handling in industrial, commercial, and retail enterprises of all sizes.

The Benefits of Hand Trucks in the Modern Workplace
Hand trucks offer the benefit of preventing ergonomic-related injuries to employees that might otherwise occur with repeated lifting, bending, and dragging.

Dollies also increase productivity per worker and allow each employee to move more material or inventory over the same amount of time. This increase in speed of product transportation means your business is faster to meet client needs and may allow you to offer a quicker turnaround time on orders.

Compared to both manual material handling and other advanced methods, use of hand trucks results in the least amount of damage to inventory and packaging. They also come at a lower cost than other more capital-intensive forms of material transportation, increasing your savings even further.

Types of Hand Trucks
Hand trucks come in both heavy-duty steel and aluminum construction, allowing you to select the option that best suits your material handling needs. 11-Wheel types can be selected according to the weight and characteristics of thematerialbeing transported, thefrequency of use, and type of flooring.

There are specific hand trucks for purchase used for transporting books, and for going up and down staircases. Other hand trucks are made to transport several types of appliances. For those with specific requirements, 2-in-1 convertible hand trucks are offered.

All hand trucks are available in both standard and heavy-duty constructions. You can get them with a corrosion-resistant finish, prolonging the useable life of the dolly you select.

All our hand trucks are durable, well-crafted, and built to last.

Hand Trucks in Your Workplace
Hand trucks have been found to optimize materials handling in a diverse range of industries. These include construction, manufacturing, hospital, pharmacy, industrial, retail, transportation, warehousing, and moving and storage.

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