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Service Carts and Shelf Trucks

A warehouse operation can’t function without service carts and shelf trucks. When transporting products, staff need the right equipment to move efficiently and safely throughout the workplace.

Choosing multi-level shelf carts makes it easy to maneuver smaller goods and packages throughout a busy environment, and it can considerably improve workplace efficiency. You can select a double-sided cart that enables an employee to load merchandise on one side while a colleague unpacks the goods at the other.

It’s essential to consider the cart’s utility, cart’s mobile features, and construction material to find the most suitable model for your needs. Often the best solution is to mix and match different units for different sections of your warehouse.

A heavy-duty welded steel shopping cart is a reliable option when moving heavier items. With a steel frame, these units can accommodate substantial weights, and the powder-coated steel construction ensures they are rust- and corrosion-resistant for long-term use.

For increased capacity, you can utilize large service carts for carrying a range of goods. Because these units move on smooth-rolling casters, they make it easy for staff to move bulky items around the warehouse.

While this feature is useful for workflow, it’s also essential to help reduce workplace injuries. Employees need the tools to move bulky goods rather than manually carry them across a factory floor. Service carts and shelf trucks are the ideal solutions.

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