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Service Carts and Shelf Trucks

Shelf trucks and carts are essential tools in every warehouse. Without them, transporting products would be time-consuming, inefficient, and increase the risk of damage due to human error. As they come in many shapes and sizes, there is a truck or cart to suit your material handling needs.

Easy Access

Ideal for fast loading and rapid unloading, carts such as two-sided shelf versions are ideal when two employees can work together. One person loads or unloads from one side, while a colleague works from the opposing side. Both easy to stack and excellent for quick access, trucks and carts are a superb addition to many environments. As they can have multiple levels, the top shelf and bottom shelf can help with order picking by accommodating different products on each level.

Secure Your Products

When loads could be unstable or require extra security, a three-sided heavy-duty gauge steel service cart can be the right choice. Employees can load the products into the unit, packing them tightly, secure in the knowledge the merchandise can not fall out from the other side and either end.

Easy To Maneuver

All welded trucks are robust and can come with shelving, both convenient for quick access and storage. Employees can easily stack their vehicles and make their way around the warehouse, loading, and unloading as they go. Coming complete with smooth-rolling casters, employees can transport substantial weights effortlessly around the warehouse. Although they move smoothly, these platform trucks can handle heavy workloads.

Health and Safety

Employees like to work hard and sometimes take unnecessary risks to get the job done. Employers have a duty of care to both provide appropriate training and the necessary equipment for employees to do their work safely. Rather than carrying heavy boxes or loads of an awkward shape, employees can use a mobile truck to take the strain.

Using utility carts and trucks can help reduce back injuries and the chances of internal damage. As they are ergonomic, employees can easily store the vehicles beside their workspace and pull it out when required.

Helps with Efficiency

Employees often need to move many items at a time, and it is inefficient to carry one box at a time. Even if they only need to transport two or three pieces, it can take a long time to move them from one area to another. By using a cart or truck, the employee can save both time and effort, increasing efficiency, and ultimately boosting profits.

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