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Bollards Wrap Around Guards

Bollards and wrap around guards are two types of safety equipment that protect your capital investments. By preventing damage to your building, doorways and expensive equipment and machinery, a small investment in these safety items can represent cost savings of thousands of dollars over their lifetimes.

Bollards can be used to protect work equipment. Bollards can also be used to help protect employees from being injured by equipment or vehicles.

Wrap Around Guards for Increased Safety

Wrap around guards work to protect machinery from damage, as well as to protect employees from dangerous hazards associated with machinery.

These types of guards can help to prevent dangerous or even fatal collisions between employees or vehicles and machines that are in operation. In addition to preventing workplace injuries and potentially even fatalities, they also help protect the employer from liability associated with these types of events.

Wrap around guards drastically decrease the cost associated with forklift collision with equipment, shelving, and machines.

Bollards and Wrap Around Guards for Every Type of Infrastructure

Bollards have many applications in both indoor and outdoor workspaces, and their use extends far beyond merely protecting industrial equipment from forklift damage.

Sturdy permanent bollards are available in steel, plastic covered and chrome-plated construction. They also are available with pour-in-place construction, meaning they may be set in concrete if they are desired as permanent fixtures.

For less permanent uses, a wide variety of folding, moveable, and removable bollards are available both indoors and outdoors. These may be used for temporary hazards, or where there is a short-term reason why personnel and visitors should be removed from anarea.

Attractive ornamental bollards are available for use in indoor and outdoor settings and are typically used to deter parking in inappropriate locations. Bollards are available that have an area to put out cigarettes and dispose of cigarette butts. This multifunctional model is popular in workplaces with a high proportion of workers who smoke.

All the bollard and wrap around guard types are available in plastic and stainless-steel finishes, as well as painted in yellow for enhanced safety.

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