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Pedestrian Hand Rail

Safety is an essential priority for commercial and industrial enterprises alike. Increasingly, businesses are seeking cost-efficient methods of ensuring safety for workers, clients, and the public. Pedestrian handrails are a solution that meets this need.

Use of a separation barrier such as a handrail is an effective, low-cost method of increasing safety in production and warehousing facilities. These rails allow for reliable, worry-free pedestrian access to areas where equipment is in use.

The use of pedestrian handrails is a safety investment for employees and clients. They can reduce costs from workplace accidents, workers compensation claims, liability claims, insurance costs, downtime, and OSHA violations.

Pedestrian Safety and Protection

The use of pedestrian handrails helps in guiding pedestrians on the correct path and preventing them from getting in the way of forklifts and pickers. They provide a safe right-of-way to pedestrians walking near utility vehicles in a warehouse or other areas involving large, material handling equipment.

They also prevent pedestrians from falling off raised platforms.

Pedestrian handrails put a physical barrier between pedestrians and the motorized equipment or other hazards associated with an industrial warehouse or business.

The standard industry height is 42 inches.

Types of Handrail

Various kinds of pedestrian handrails and guardrails are available. They range from a simple 2 0r 3 horizontal rails to more involved designs with wire mesh. Depending on the application, a kick plate may be added to meet the requirements of the what you are doing.

Constructed from steel tubing and generally surface mounted, they are easy to install and configure.

Handrails come in a variety of colors. Most common is safety yellow which provides high visibility, pre-coated galvanized and other colors are available to match the design and layout of the building in which they are used.

Pedestrian handrails are an investment in safety for employees and clients, as well as protecting costly equipment and inventory from damage and providing a safeguard against liability.

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