Automatic Stretch Wrappers

An automatic stretch wrapper will help you get shipments out the door faster when you must make a delivery on time. These handy machines wrap even the most delicate shipments into a solid, easy-to-handle unitized pallet that will keep you on track and make your business more profitable.

What Is an Automatic Stretch Wrapper?
Automatic stretch wrappers are the solution when you’re wrapping 45 or more loads per hour.

There are two basic types of automatic stretch wrappers; one utilizes a turntable that the load sits on and rotates while the other uses a rotating arm that revolves around the load which stays stationary.

With either system your loads are transported to the entry conveyor, they then automatically move through the wrapping process, exiting as a completed load ready to ship.

What Are the Advantages of an Automatic Stretch Wrapper?
The first advantage of these great machines is how much time and material you can save. By using an automated device, you can combine multiple deliveries into one singular piece. Also, it will take up far less film than if you were to wrap your boxes by hand. These machines will also save you time on safety training as your employees will handle less of the products you ship by hand.

Deliver safely, quickly with the help of an automatic stretch wrapper. Your employees and your customers will love it.

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