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Used Pallet Rack

All warehouses have unique storage needs and challenges. Pallet racking systems are highly adaptable and can be selected and configured to address these challenges productively.

Used pallet racking is an excellent option for many operations. they are a cost-effective way to store inventory safely.

Advantages of Used Pallet Racks

Many enterprises find that used warehouse equipment, including pallet racking, makes good business sense. Used pallet rack is not only economical but also environmentally friendly.

When outfitting a warehouse, you will need a lot of equipment and supplies. Buying used pallet racks can allow you to use the allocated funds for other warehouse equipment.

Buying used helps your company operate in a more environmentally friendly manner. Recirculating steel and other materials minimizes environmental waste.

Used pallet racks are carefully inspected to ensure they are in good repair and meet the expected load ratings based on the material and construction.

How to Buy

Our team of professionals will assist you in choosing exactly what you need for your operations.

We inspect and make any minor repairs that might be necessary before shipping a used rack to a customer.

We stand behind our sales and will immediately address any questions or concerns you have once you receive your used racks.


Used pallet racks come in all types, makes, sizes, and load ratings.

See our Pallet Rack identifier for help with identifying pallet rack that you have. If you are not sure what you have, feel free to email us a picture, our trained experts will be able to assist you.

We carry a huge inventory of different makes including Interlake, Sturdibuilt, Palmer Shile, Mecalux, Ridgurack, Webblock, Slid-n-lock, Spacerak, Keystone, Republic, Unarco, T- Bolt, Wedgelock, EMI and Penco and many others.

We Buy Racks and Equipment

If you are upgrading, switching to a new system, or moving to a new warehouse or other facility, many times we will buy your old pallet racks. We pay cash for your racks that are in good condition. We also buy decent quality used conveyors, mezzanines, pallet flow racking, vertical carousels, stretch wrappers and other machines, as well as any other gently used warehouse equipment you may have.

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