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Used Pallet Racks For Shelving and Storage at Warehouse Facilities

Used pallet racks are a great cost-saving way to improve storage at your warehouse or other facility. Before purchasing used pallet racking for your industrial storage facility, there are several key considerations to ensure you buy the most suitable pallet racking systems for your material handling needs.

Used Pallet Racks: FIFO and LIFO

Using either First-In-First-Out (FIFO) or Last-In-First-Out (LIFO) can dramatically increase your warehouse storage capacity and even double your depot capacity per square foot, helping reduce your storage and retrieval times for improved service levels.

Used Pallet Racking: Inspections

At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we ensure all pallet rack beams, wire decking, and locking systems are in industry-safe condition. Because we thoroughly inspect our used pallets and check the material is intact, we ensure that our used warehouse racks do not have any large dents that could affect the unit’s structural integrity.

Pallet Racks and Components: Size, How Wide, and More

We recommend a teardrop pallet racking locking mechanism that prevents components from coming loose. Many pallet rack manufacturers also use robust roll form steel in their construction process.

Even though used pallet racking is durable and can last for many years, all warehouse storage systems, whether drive-in racks or double deep racking, endure heavy use and suffer accidental damage, so you must have the ability to replace any parts that suffer deterioration.

Pallet Rack Systems

We carry a selection of common types of warehouse pallet racking systems. Many are surplus and very lightly used pallet racks. Selective pallet racking offers superior accessibility and is a popular option for increasing storage space in many warehouse storage facilities. Carton flow racks, also known as pallet-flow racking are a high-density storage solution that uses a gravity-flow mechanism to move the next pallet to the front and is a familiar item in many distribution centers.

A pushback rack is another affordable solution and stores pallets 2-6 deep, and when you place one pallet on to the front of the unit, the other pallets slide gently towards the back of the rack, and drive-in racking systems allow a forklift to drive between the pallet rack uprights, storing merchandise deep into the units.

Structural pallet racks are another popular style of pallet racks, primarily used in locations with frequent seismic activity. This style of upright racking system is highly impact resistant and more durable than standard roll-form racking. It is assembled using nuts and bolts for security.

Although cantilever racking is not strictly a type of pallet racking, cantilever racks are an invaluable alternative size if you store large or unwieldy merchandise such as logs or steel beams. The heavy-duty beams and uprights of cantilever racks hold the goods and allow easy access for a forklift driver to store and retrieve the items.

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