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Used Shelving


Shelving and pallet racks are essential components of efficient storage space. While large pallet racking systems may be necessary for an industrial warehouse or material handling facility, shelving can be a more cost-effective solution for lightweight inventory.

There are many types of shelving units catering to a variety of merchandise, from small, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs) to heavier items.

Although shelving is available in several material options, most industrial units are manufactured using heavy-gauge steel. Heavy-duty commercial shelving units are built to last, often having a lifespan of several decades even in harsh environments. Because shelving can maintain its storage capacity, second-hand units are a popular cost-saving storage approach.

Used Shelving for Sale

At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we provide a broad selection of new and used storage equipment, from metal shelving racks to clip style units with adjustable shelves. We also stock common types of accessories, helping you create custom shelves for your specific industrial setting.

Whether you require complete commercial warehouse shelving systems or plastic bins to improve garage organization, we have a range of options. We thoroughly inspect and test all equipment, ensuring it meets OSHA safety standards, so you receive your used shelving in good condition at a fair price.

Used Shelving Systems: Organize and Save

Two of the main advantages of investing in used shelving are improved organization and cost savings. Regardless of the type of shelving you purchase, it can help you save and organize your warehouse in several ways. Other key benefits of used shelving:


Used shelving is cheaper than new equipment, providing you with a cost-effective way of improving your storage system. Used industrial warehouse shelving gives you additional floor space without breaking the bank.


Industrial steel shelving is strong and durable, ensuring it can support heavier items for longer. High-quality shelving units consist of strong steel uprights that support individual shelves. These vertical structures help sustain heavy loads and provide resistance from contact with forklifts or machinery.


Industrial shelving is made from high-quality materials and calibrated to support specific load capacities. By selecting a suitable shelving unit, you can minimize the risk of workplace accidents due to shelving collapses or overloading.

Types of Used Industrial Shelving

Choosing the correct storage equipment for non-palletized goods is essential in the material handling industry. It helps create a space-efficient, productive, and organized facility, contributing to a streamlined operation. Some of the most popular steel warehouse shelving varieties we stock:

Boltless shelving

Boltless, or rivet shelving, is a type of industrial shelving that can be configured without nuts or bolts. It is an easy-to-assemble alternative to standard clip shelving that allows rapid reconfiguration. We stock several options for boltless shelving, including open and closed styles.

Our 200A boltless rivet shelving is manufactured from industrial-strength steel. Each shelf adjusts on 1 to ½ inch centers, regardless of the boltless shelving decking material. It is an open style system, providing easy access to items from all sides.

Bulk shelving

Bulk rack shelving is designed for storing heavy items or high volumes of SKUs. Built from heavy-gauge steel, it is a perfect garage shelving or heavy-duty warehouse shelving option. We provide a range of metal shelving units with varying strengths and durability.

Our all-welded closed steel shelving is made from reinforced 12-gauge steel. Each shelf has a 2,000-lb. weight capacity, ensuring it can support a range of goods, from auto storage inventory to building supplies. Choose from four different sizes, depending on your current inventory requirements.


Industrial shelving

Industrial steel shelving functions perfectly as a standalone storage system. It is also an excellent supplemental option for a comprehensive pallet racking system. Industrial shelving is one of the most versatile storage options, available in various materials.

One of our most popular industrial units is the 4-shelf stationary shelf. Each industrial shelving unit is coated in durable bright zinc plating, giving it corrosion and temperature resistance. It is suitable for harsh conditions, from chemical storage to freezer or cooler rooms.

Mobile shelving

Mobile shelving is a practical storage option and a great way to transport goods safely throughout a warehouse. Mobile aisle shelving is valuable for small facilities where space is limited. It allows you to move inventory around a warehouse without wasting time loading and unloading all items.

We offer several mobile shelving options, from rolling wire carts to mobile kits for dual-sided pick rack systems. Our mobile chrome wire units are a perfect auto parts storage shelving solution. They are highly maneuverable, with 5” swivel locking casters. Each unit has a 600-lb. storage capacity and can be customized with bins for small parts storage.

Contact Us for Used Shelving Solutions

Our full inventory range is accessible through our digital catalog. However, we are continually replenishing our stock of used equipment. To confirm equipment availability, like a particle board deck or tier wire shelving, get in touch with our team today.

If we don’t have the equipment you need, don’t worry. We can use our vast network to source suitable options. Our team travels nationwide to find the highest quality used equipment in the country.

For more information on our products and services, browse our website and informational blog. If you require details on used equipment availability, give us a call at (800) 589-7225.


What are some common shelving sizes?

Shelving is available in a variety of sizes. Typically, shelf depth ranges from 16 to 36”, shelf width ranges from 36 to 96”, and height ranges from 72 to 120”. We have an in-house fabrication team that can customize your equipment to meet your precise requirements.

How can I reinforce warehouse shelving?

One of the main benefits of warehouse shelving is its strength and durability. However, it can be reinforced with sway braces or cross braces. They are usually installed at the back of the unit between the uprights. We stock support braces in a variety of sizes.

What kinds of used shelving are most popular?

The most popular kinds of used shelving include boltless, bulk, industrial, steel, and mobile varieties. We carry popular open and closed shelving options from leading storage equipment brands.

How quickly can I get my used shelving order filled?

Our smooth online purchasing process ensures you can fill an order from our online store in a matter of minutes. However, to determine the availability of used equipment, contact us directly. We will handle your storage and handling queries as quickly as possible.

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