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Used Shelving

As you may know, over the years many shelving manufactures no longer make some types of the shelving that they did in the past or in some cases have gone out of business, this doesn’t leave you with many options for adding on or replacing parts that may have been damaged in daily use.

With our huge warehouse stock of many different makes, types,and sizes of used shelving, we can help you with your project. Whether it’s 10 shelf clips or 200 additional complete sections, we are the place to go to for all of your needs.

Some of the makes we usually have are Lyon old style studs (pins, clips), Equipto V-Grip, Hallowell, Equipto Iron Grip, Lyon end tie clips, Penco Male-Female shelf clips, Edsal, Borroughs, Republic steel shelving, Old Style Deluxe shelving, Penco Clipper Shelving, Tennsco Shelving, Interroyal Shelving, Superior Shelving, Rivetier Shelving, Western Pacific and many others. Contact us if you don’t see what you need listed here.

Selling Us Your Used Shelving

Many times, we will take in trade used storage and material handling equipment you no longer need against the purchase price of new systems providing you an easy and convenient option for disposing of equipment that is no longer needed in your operations.

SHELVING + RACK SYSTEMS travels nationwide to purchase large quantities of used shelving and warehouse equipment in good, used condition. This can help you reduce the amount of stressand planning necessary to have your old shelving systems removed while also putting money back into your business. Because you know your used equipment can be sold to SHELVING + RACK SYSTEMS for top dollar prices, you can feel comfortable in considering your new, updated shelving systems as an investment in the future.

Buying Used Shelving for Your Business

You can purchase shelving for your warehouse or business in good used condition to help cut costs in your furnishing and storing budget. Many styles of storage shelving are available in good, used condition for a reduced cost, as compared to new shelving products.

Expect to find used steel clip style shelving, steel nut,and bolt shelving, surplus shelving, rivet-span shelving, as well as stockroom shelving styles in goodcondition.You can also find shelving components such as uprights, x-bracing, nuts and bolts, steel clips, as well as other small parts.

Additionally, you can purchase used replacement parts for your current shelving systems to cut costs from your maintenance budget. Used shelves can be found in different sizes as well.

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