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Bench Accessories

Having access to appropriate tools is the gateway to excellent workmanship. Without a well-appointed industrial workstation, it is difficult to get the right work done the right way. On the other hand, a workbench that has been outfitted to meet your operations’ exacting needs will do wonders to increase the efficiency and productivity of your workers.

Shelving & Rack Systems offers a wide selection of high-quality, customizable industrial workbench accessories, as well as unparalleled industry expertise and assistance in selecting the bench accessories that will work best for your business.

Optimizing Your Industrial Work Bench

The options for customizing your industrial workbenches are virtually limitless. No matter what additions or customizations you are planning to make, there is a bench accessory perfect for you.

One of the most popular bench accessories available is a caster kit. By putting your industrial workbench on casters, you can move your workbench to different locations as needed. In work environments where resources and needs are continually evolving, applying a caster kit to your workbench keeps your workspace movable and adaptable to those changing needs.

Cabinet bases are another common bench accessory. Using a cabinet base takes advantage of unused storage space and is great for storing paperwork and other necessary items in an easily accessible area.

Among the other accessories available are electronic risers, back and side stops, cabinet bases, drawers, lights and industrial pedestals.

Drawer and Shelf Accessories for Your Work Bench

Both regular and modular drawer systems can be custom-fitted to your workbench to increase its storage capacity. These drawers are perfect for storing small tools and supplies that need to be frequently accessed during a typical working day.

Some prefer to store maintenance and cleaning supplies as well as user manuals using a modular drawer system. For those who would like to store paperwork or documents, filing drawers are another favorite accessory. These drawers can be fitted with locks if you need to store important or private documents.

Shelving is another option to increase storage and additional workspace. Both lower shelves and top riser shelves are available. While lower shelves are typically used to store items that are less frequently used, top riser shelves are perfect for easily accessing tools and items that are frequently used.

Bench accessories are the ultimate way to optimize productivity in your workspace in a cost-effective and unobtrusive way. By giving workers access to the tools, equipment, and resources they need immediately at hand, you increase the speed at which they can work as well as their overall satisfaction in the workplace, while also increasing productivity.

Shelving & Rack Systems is happy to provide technical assistance, advice, and expertise to help you select the optimal bench accessories to meet the challenges faced in your workspace.

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