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Bench Cabinet


A well-designed workstation ensures everything the worker needs is readily available. Availability improves both productivity and staff morale.

Storage, therefore, is key. Taking advantage of verticality is imperative to ensure items are quickly available. Everything a worker needs will be close at hand.

Cabinet benches are a perfect storage solution for many items.

Stowing items below the main work surfaces can be the best place for larger, bulkier items, especiallythose not used frequently. Organizing items in the order that they will be used save time setting up.

The doors on the cabinet benches can also be locked, providing an extra level of security.

Bench Cabinet with Drawers and Wheels

Many cabinet benches have a set of drawers, which help organize the items needed at the workstation. Drawers can fill the full cabinet space or one portion of it. If the work requires tools and hardware, these items can be stored in the drawers, making them easily accessible.

Drawers can also be organized into bins or sections, especially for smaller objects and hardware. Fasteners, bolts, screws, assembly or repair specific items can be kept separate yet readily available.

Outfitting cabinet benches with casters is another option. The portability allows the bench and its contents to move easily to where they are needed. Usually,they are supplied with brakes on the wheels, ensuring they will stay in place once in the work area.

Pedestal Workbenches

Rather than a full cabinet base, these benches will have any of a combination of different pedestals on each side of the bench leaving the middle open. Types of the pedestals are cabinet pedestals with or without shelves, different sized drawer pedestals, closed leg, open leg, and modular drawer cabinets. You can mix and match to meet your needs which can be useful when storing a variety of small tools and items for your needs.

Work Surfaces

Bench tops are made of a variety of materials- steel, laminated maple butcher block top, Plastic Laminate and ESD materials (Electrostatic discharge),and steel tops are the mostcommon. Depending on the firm’s needs, edging and additional shelving systems on top of the work surface are available.

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